Divine Beauty and my feelings….

I share my heart with music and love, I like Adele and think she has a Divine gift in her voide and her emotional style. Many of her songs play on the radio yet this one I have never heard on the Radio. It is by far my favorite song of hers.

I am very busy writing and editing much writing and decided to share this as a way to not be lazy… Have to post a post and its okay to share so as I write do chores, prepare legal paper work and try to budget my time and not create stress I share what I am listening to. The song touches my heart and reflects my feelings for a very special Lady and one time Queen of my heart. I miss you!


Thank you for allowing me to share a tought a song and perhaps a smile. Please be the Change Positive share a smile share your love and make our world a better place for all we share it with.Thank you again.