An ignorant White? Or a Beautiful Human Being!

I am inspired to share some thoughts by revealing a truth we all know. First I would say that the following is my opinion and my heart felt belief. It is probably true for many, the ugly dark side of our beings is lesson humanity has for centuries failed to grasp. Since the beginning of man and the creation or evolution whatever perspective you choose, we have sought to dominate, eliminate and or control those that do not look like us or don’t believe the same as us.

I had the best of intentions when I made a comment on a blog that seeks justice for a young man that in my country they consider a “minority”. I believe in the call and the cause for justice to be served yet felt that the approach taken was perhaps offensive to some. I had mentioned that love was the answer not negative and finger pointing that leads to more anger and more destruction. I say what I say in a way that resonates in ,my heart and out of love to help solve an issue rather that add more fuel in the fire.

The response from my comment was the last thing I expected and after mulling things over and passing these thoughts through my soul this is my thoughts  shared.

First of all there needs be no more light shined on Racism, ethnic or religious persecution or any other offensive behavior towards our fellow Human Beings. The light has been shining on these evils since mankind has existed.

The finger pointing and name calling is just gas on the fire. I walked away from the comment wondering how such a thing as the educating of ignorant Whites was supposed to help solve the problem. If you where a white and heard such a thing how would you respond? First I have to say “ Are you Serious”? You insult me with the opening line and not in a good way…. As would any race feel insulted at being called ignorant even if you were.

I for one think its time to change our perspective and thought patterns, we all share this earth with many other living things and beings. We regardless of race or religion or lack thereof  are first and foremost HUMAN BEINGS!

If we were to look at nature and have a comparison to our natural world I am sure there are many yet I will choose one that we can all relate to: FLOWERS

We can all appreciate the beauty of flowers the Variety the colors and the scent and even in the same families the colors may vary. Does a Red Rose or a White Rose perhaps even the Yellow Rose have a different scent? Does it matter? The beauty is enjoyed and embraced just the same. To expand on this does an Orchid or a Rose surpass the Daisy or Lilly’s in beauty or purpose? I am a sunflower not overly beautiful yet tall and strong bearing many seeds, my friend Mike is a Hyacinth beautiful delicate and soft. To some the Rose takes the prize yet they would never destroy the Pansy or the Blue Bells because they chose the Rose as their favorite.

Perhaps a new approach to fixing the problem is to fix the problem. Step up to the plate and fix the problem. Stop pointing fingers and trying to Educate and put light on a problem we all know exists and has existed for thousands of years. What are you doing when you point the finger and shine the light? Absolutely nothing good only adding fuel to a problem rather than fixing it you are making it burn longer.

Fixing big problems many times as most working people know is finding a solution not pointing the finger and saying it’s your fault. It’s all of our fault! There are solutions; the many that have done much good in trying to solve the problem never took the finger pointing route. They stepped up to the plate and approached the situation in a creative way from a different perspective.

I may be a racist ignorant White man to some however anybody that knows me will straighten you out should you share that perspective with them. I have the greatest of love for all that share this Universe with me. I for one have had enough of the finger pointing and challenge us all to embrace the Beauty of Humanity and be Beautiful Human Beings!

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. I have perhaps offended some yet would ask if you heard the message? I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all that we share it with. Please be the change positive and enjoy the Beauty of the Flowers and the Human beings that surround us!