The Wizard

The man like a wizard of old, like an alchemist turning lead to gold

Frantically experimenting and casting wild spells

Searching for something he didn’t control


One night when the moon was quite full

His mind empty and ready to quit


A ray of pure energy he glimpsed as it flittered by

He tried to grasp it to no avail

It bolted and darted back into the sky


The trail that it took lead to a treasure

The one he had searched for

The one that he had dreamed would give him much pleasure


Just when the morning dew had arrived

The sun had just began to rise

The wizard knew he would survive


The thing that he found the spell that was cast

Was a prayer for his Soul

Converting it from darkness to gold


Today when that wizard with a colorful past

Sees that pure energy all around

He knows that to love it is bound


His magic is in his very heart

Never had practiced the dark arts

His love of the light had been there from the start


Today as practices his magical spells

The gold of his soul shares the magic within

Shining light on the darkness wherever it dwells


The converting from lead to gold

Saving his very Beautiful soul

Was a major lesson in love and self-control


Today as I sit here with a very special friend

I asked him to share his secret with me


The thing that he shared

The secret he said for finding the light

Is to look inside and do what is right

I share my thoughts with you again in artistic way that I hope you enjoy. The wandering thoughts of a man with a quest. Helping himself and others to find inside the magic of love and the gifts that it brings. I believe we all have inside us a wonderful gift all we have to do is open it.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you I hope to inspire myself and others to become the change positive and help make our world a better place for all who share it with us. The true change begins within and once you find that you are made out of love then you can not help but love in return. Please share a smile share your love and be the change positive. Our world needs positive change through love and forgiveness and acceptance we are all different yet we are all made out of and with love. Thank you again!