The Boardwalk…

Under the Boardwalk the song I sang

Until the monster storm came


The Boardwalk no more

My favorite spots on the Jersey Shore


The last time I was there

The beauty of the Ocean air


The casinos and gift shops in Atlantic City

All that was new and pretty


The ocean it remains the same

The rest washed away by the cleansing rain


I know not when I will be there again

I only know that the Shore is my friend.


For those who live on, in or near

I pray that soon the debris will be clear

I share these thoughts as I watched the news and reminisced about my last trip to the Boardwalk. I went with a very special love and we shared a beautiful week in Atlantic city. My heart goes out to those in the North East that have suffered and still try to rebuild or even have a sense of normalcy. I myself have loved ones there and hope they come out of this with a renewed strength and love of life with gratitude that they are still alive and loved.

I hope we can share a smile and some love as well as a prayer for those that do so for those in need. I thank you for your time and allowing me to share some thoughts and my own smile. Please be the change positive share a smile share your love and help make our world a better place for all we share it with.

7 thoughts on “The Boardwalk…

    • I hope it is a beautiful one… Perhaps our paths will cross during our day. Its all love my friend. humility creates a pause in deciding on the award you shared with me. I have graciously and with my humble heart declined many awards. I have been told to not accept is just silly yet I do have my own demons and modesty although not a demon seems to dominate my feelings on awards. Funny how I never turn down a bonus at work… I do however try to turn them down yet the state of my finances puts my pride and humility aside sometimes for the greater good of myself and the ones I love. Thank you for sharing and being part of my world.

      • My friend the awards bring those that need to see your words.. It is something that heals when it is understood, do not feel that way for you open doors to the soul that allow others to experience. Being humble and being on the other side of humility keeps that which needs to expand from expanding. Allow this for it is still a very giving gift!

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