I bid you farewell

My past of sin

My life in my earthly hell


Highs and lows that color my soul

I choose to let it all go

I choose to give up control


My love it was strong

Now it is gone

The fact is I was wrong


I no longer choose the pain

Love is my friend its time to live again

I have weathered the rain


I thought she would come home

She has her life even if I wanted her in mine

I am scared to spend the rest of my life alone


I start today with love and grace

I hold my head high as I wait

For one to fill this empty place


It may not be soon it make take a while

I hope that forgiveness comes

My friend deserves to smile


Farewell my life in Earthly hell

In sadness I will no longer dwell


The truth is that I am getting older and my time here grows short. I am scared in truth that I may never know love true while I walk this Earth. I know love very well that part that takes me to hell. The bliss I have felt, my last love my heart did melt I have tasted it and it calls my heart. I love the feeling of love and being loved. Now you know my greatest fear never finding one that loves me dear.

I wish to thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings with you. I am surrounded by the most Beautiful love as are we all filled and overflowing with the love and energy of our Creator. I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all that we share it with. Share a smile and be the change positive!