Guardians are everywhere…

Guardians of the light

Having walked through darkness

Choosing love and making it right


The world around us is quite in despair

We in our hearts know

This isn’t fair, the power of love should fill the air


The light that burns the energy of love

Creation at its best experienced with pain and agony

Our souls tempered with love from within and above


Guardian’s of light are we all of us

When we choose to be when the treasure in misery we find

Beyond our simple complicated minds in our hearts the light of love we trust


Many share their hearts of gold some share our tarnished souls

In hopes that before our time ends the pain of battles old will finally free

The world from darkness and despair


The energy of love has no rule and no law

Those who have traveled in darkness with the light

Know the power is pure and raw


It doesn’t judge nor should we

It’s time to start sharing the energy amplifying it times a million and three

Sharing the love found Universally


Together in the light of love all is bound

If we all can find this one common bond

Our world will be transformed as we all share the same world round


Sharing that energy from within

Helps us to make a change from the heart

The place we should start


The Guardians of light we all need to be

That our world will be filled with loves creative energy

A site our Creator would love to see

I share these thoughts in my own way shared and inspired, I cant help but to know the world is filled with many Beautiful souls. We working together sharing our common bonds can make our world a better place. It doesn’t take anything special to share a smile and a kind word. It takes something special however to reach deep and from within share that energy with the world. It starts with us individually yet when we know that truth we know that we are together as one sharing our world. Shouldn’t we love all of it and all who share it. Is any of us better that the other?I know I am certainly not a saint or a guru nor a religious man at all. In fact I would probably be considered an ignorant by many in the religious circles or a mystic perhaps. The truth is I am a simple Being with a colorful soul and the feeling of responsibility to share my loving energy and that of our Creator through the gift of my Lords Guidance and merciful love shared from my own times of despair.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts once again and it is my hope that we can all share a smile and some love making positive change in our world. Making it a better place with and for all who share it with us. Be the change positive and share your love and the Light of Creation our gift from God.

The Emergency room ends my work day…

I started my day with a great amount of energy and felt that it would be a very treasurable day. Things were going as smooth as they can go, then well disaster happened. Not real disaster just a cut to the bone. I usually use metaphors when expressing my thoughts however this time I really cut myself to the bone.

Being a man today has allowed me to become stronger through my weakness. As a man in a mans world tough as nails has been the goal for most and for me for many years. I reached for strength in a way that cheated me and many men out of true strength. True strength is not overcome by destroying the good and the light side of recognizing emotions and admitting that there may be a better way, than pretending you can do it all yourself. True strength is recognizing that we are all in this world together and asking for help when you need it. Giving up control is one of the most difficult things a man can do and the most rewarding.

I have had a man weakness for my whole life regarding hospitals and doctors a fear of being weak and having to give up control and let the doctors do what they do to help make life healthier. I am grateful for the work that they do. There are few that can do such a job with the love and grace they share with us all. We complain about the cost yet without the love and skills they share we would be in trouble. I don’t think that the doctors and nurses want to make us bleed as they stop the bleeding. Corporations that strive for more profits are the reason for the exaggerated costs.

I share these things as I realized that I had no reason to fear the doctors that were fixing my hand stitching it back together and doing it with compassion and love as I behaved in a weak way. As the nurse prepared me for the cleaning of my wound she said “you are going to hate me” as she pulled out the scrub brush and the cleaning stuff. I was not concerned being the tough guy I am physical pain is easy. The way that the nurse gently and tenderly cleaned and prepared my wound touched my soul revealing a weakness that had plagued me my whole life. The fear of accepting that I am not invincible and that there are many good people on this earth that will help you when you need it.

My time here is limited and I have many weaknesses that have been exposed lately and I am reaching for the true strength of love and life with the time I have left. Sharing our skills and love is what we are supposed to be doing it is hard however when the fear of giving up control stops us from making our weakness strengths and allowing us to become better souls.

Ten Stitches and a nasty scar have helped me become a better stronger man by revealing a weakness and a gift of love. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts as I am home and reflecting on my trip to the emergency room and the lesson learned. I am grateful for the professionals in the health field and all walks of life that take the time and share the love to take care of us and make our world a better place for all we share it with.

Please take the time to share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all who share it with us. Thank you again.