Love and thank you my Friend Clark Kent!

I wish to share a thought or two, I have been thinking about love, my life has been built upon love, a weak foundation? Or just a matter of piling up stones?  The truth of the matter is the latter, life’s experiences as I have traveled the journey sometimes have been to be quite frank brutal. Even as such there are many that have been through much worse.

I am a seeker of the truth for some reason it seems to be my hidden agenda, whether it is as the Stars express or a divine given mission, I am reincarnated and it is my Karma, perhaps I am just nuts. I do however know I am driven and the truth is love.

I read and view many perspectives as well as discuss and observe many different perspectives.  The most common theme for many of those perspective’s is to me only half-truths and some of them are just sugar coated crap.I do however know there are some truly gifted and special souls that have achieved and know such truth.

So today as I have been my whole life reaching for the truth knowing it is love that is built on a solid foundation. Those that are truly enlightened or share with the divine in co existence  have built a solid foundation of stone. Have your ever carried stones for a Buildings foundation? Have you observed how many sizes of buildings there are? The foundations of some are small and some rather large.

There are as many ways to find the truth of love and what is love true, unconditional love, Divine Love, and what ever depth of love you choose to find.  If as a teenager you experience what many call puppy love and experience that first rejection lets say. You felt the pain of that first break up and it devastates you and you choose to never pursue that type of love again you carried just a stone or two for your foundation. Over the years and experiences of life we choose how many stones we carry and how big the foundation we choose to build.

The truth I wish to share is this, there are no limits on the size of foundation we build and what we give, we get.  If you truly want to know the gift give the gift, share the gift’ that gift begins within, I have friends that don’t believe in the divine and use only logic and reason almost exclusively and deny their emotions. I know my dad used to say what the hell are you looking up for and what the hell are you praying to the wind, the wall the bed what?

The sad truth is that I Feel bad for them and I feel bad for those that just give lip service to the divine and themselves. It takes many years and many experiences or pure devotion for many years to truly live the truth and know love true. A connection with the divine on a minute by minute relationship as a constant basis and being your true spiritual and physical being. Requires minute by minute breath by breath, heart beat by heart beat, devotion to and love of the Divine.  Enlightenment at its highest level.

The foundation we build sets the level and size of our knowledge and truth as well as the depth and height of our love.” Love deep and soar high, love shallow and sink deep”. You want the truth about what is love, love is minute by minute connection and what you choose to do with it. The beauty of free will is what you do with it. You can love all that is as you are part of it or you can hide from the truth and deny yourself and all that is the gift of that love. All that is suffers and we suffer if we choose not to appreciate and love all that is. When we suffer we reach for knowledge to end our suffering or we reach for something else. When we want to know the truth about love we reach for the creator of that love.

“Ask the horse” is a common term for ask the one that is responsible, we are responsible for who we are. Our Creator or what ever term you choose for your belief for me it is and forever will be God is the one who created love with love all there is. When you ask with a sincere and devoted heart filled with gratitude and humility you will find the energy of creation love. How long you feel it is how deep you love the divine and how much you choose to devote. Minute by minute second by second, breath by breath or once in a life time when like my dad you are on your death bed saying Dear God what have I done.

There is no easy way no short cut what you give is what you get.

“ Love deep and soar high, love shallow and sink deep”.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share a little of my truth, I owe a note of thanks to many yet it was my friend Clark Kent that inspired me to read an article and seek a deeper truth.

” The Beauty or truth of beauty is not just in beautiful things as all beautiful things are also ugly”. Plato

Not many men are able to see “ Beauty”  not all men are able to know love true. To know love true you must build a foundation of stone and be love true to be love true you must find the divine inside of you and live the way of the divine being love true to all that is. Beautiful and ugly are the same.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile and some love. I share my personal thoughts and feelings from my heart and encourage all of us to seek love true the shared love of the divine that is inside of you so that we may share it with all that is. Please be the change positive share a smile and share your love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Minute by minute if we make an effort we can with the power of love we all share we can become one as a human race and become beautiful human beings with the understanding and living power of love true.” Beauty” of the sharing and loving of all there is. Thank you again, and feel free to tell me I am nuts if you choose… 🙂