From the Beast to Beauty… Fitting on Halloween.

Darkness surrounded him once more, except for the light shining in his core, Watching and with worry and stifled cry’s the despair and sadness clouding his eye’s. Swimming in sorrow filled with thoughts far and wide, dreaming of the one I wished by my side.

Threatened with violent acts of lost freedom and cruel treatment in the air hiding another’s, despair my treatment, of her like as Queen in my heart it always has been from the start. Now though my world is torn apart I still live and love from my heart’ we made some mistakes yet we did many great things.

I am kneeling and learning the depth of humility the love my Lord shares with me. While I learn to feel his love I wish to share with another how wrong I was. Acceptance and love of everything especially the love our children bring.

The truth of the matter as I have learned the respect of our children varies in style yet the love we share with them crosses the miles. I would like to surround myself with the ones that I love even though I never treated them with kid gloves. In my heart I was treating them with another form of love.

I wait for direction and the time to be right as I walk with the master and learn a new way every morning I start a new day. I know not what will happen, I feel his embrace putting a smile on my weathered face one that for so long has been there that the crow’s feet of a billion smiles at the top of my cheeks, I hope it stays there for many weeks.

I am not ready to move on from her love, I ask for the help from heaven above to lessen the pain as I walk away.  Looking for true love is part of my path, something I thought I already had, wondering how it all went so bad. It has been said it’s not as bad as it seems. I suppose they have never had to walk away from a dream one where you would risk everything.

I thank my Lord and my Maker for sharing with me the love of the spirit that feeds my soul as I give up control. The Lord is the master of my soul I owe him my life and thank him so I am Grateful Lord for your love and faith in this simple spec in the Universe of life.

 My love makes a difference to all that I touch a gift of love and trust a powerful gift I respect and have been humbled by again I am grateful and sincere. Thank you my Maker and lord who is Just for your mercy and grace the love that you share. For all that seek to find the light of love a gift from our maker above the gift of dark and light love the tempering of the soul.

I take a ride not behind the wheel learning to enjoy the sights and enjoy the moment, I don’t have that many left, I want to make them my very best. Sharing love with all I meet and perhaps on the way, my true love will find me and stay.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and express myself. I am grateful for all those that share with me here and throughout our world in many ways. I am most honored to be a part of our changing world and hope to be a force of love helping make positive change along with the many others that have chosen to reach for the light and making life better for all we share with. Love is the most powerful force in the Universe it heals and creates Beauty in all that surrounds us. Good and bad if it comes from your heart there is a lesson there. I hope we can all share a smile and some love. Express yourself and make the change positive and helping our world become a better place for all we share it with. Thank you again.