Children are worth our inspiration… They are important for changing our world.

Children are one of my most inspirational influences and should probably be my first. My relationship with children varies with my closeness and knowledge of them. The closer they are to my heart the more inspirational they become in my life. Both dark and light show when dealing with teen girls especially although to admit as I write my inner truth I have the same with boys.

I have at the moment a renewed outlook that I am over the hurdle. In the past I have pretty much had the attitude of the old baseball coach or the dance teacher or perhaps even my old nemesis the math teacher if you will. I care about the child so I push them to win, I push hard and expect much. I push too hard and expect too much. I produce winners as far as school and basic survival yet I fail as with my children to respect myself as well as them. I know better and feel it is important to listen to children and young adults respectfully. A lesson learned before and although to a much lessor degree repeated to some extent resulting in another search for my inner truth.

I have been honest with my children from birth, I also was not thinking or considering any consequences and have no regrets. I have paid in many ways yet been rewarded in my heavenly chest with a treasure more precious than gold, the love shared with my lord and creator. The one thing I did with no doubt in my mind was the right thing to do. I believed that the one person they would be able to trust with absolute faith was their dad. Unfortunately I have a capacity to express some truths without tempering them and with a lack of tact. Even though I was being blunt out of love I should have had the capacity to stop before I spoke and looked in my heart.

Some kids need tough love and some kids need sensitive love, it is hard to at times know what a kid needs and at times they most likely need both. My son and step son even though I was honest with the whatever the question asked even the tough ones about drug use and my dark violent side before their time. My step son was very key in my ending of that demon and witnessed my last physically violent act. Both lied to me for years even though they knew I knew. Boys and girls are different both problems could be handled differently yet have an outcome less than what you expected resulting in many problems within ourselves. The expectations have been a source of doom resulting in a lesson learned and recently repeated.

The outcome for me and the most enlightening thing for me and perhaps for many is that it is our responsibility to share with our children spirituality in some form and teach them to share from the heart. From our adult hearts we know better and we know that the future is in our children. Teach from your heart and lead by example show your loving compassionate side and perhaps they will learn to pray so to speak from the heart and find their spiritual being in their younger years saving them from the fate of forty or so years of soul searching to find it under the piles of dark spirits of creation that they should have never had to create in the first place. Teaching them young gives them light in the troubled times of youth and childhood. One can always look within for love if one knows how and is taught at a young age to embrace the spirit.

It is my hope to change my career and somehow inspire and teach children the power of love and positive spiritual behavior. Perhaps a non-sugar coated loving and evolving soul can inspire positive change in a young persons life and help a beautiful soul along its path in love and the light of our Creator. The ultimate act of respect we can do as human beings is to respect ourselves and others enough make the change positive and become conscious and aware of what is in our souls and teach our children young to nurture their own.

Thank you for your time and I am grateful for all who have an effect on our world and everyone of us does. I hope we can all share a smile and some love helping make our world a better place for all that share it. Keep being the change positive and making our world a better place for all that share it. Thank you again.

Amazing to me how many Beautiful people there are in this world at this time.

It occurred to me as I read in my comments section a comment from a fellow writer here on Word Press.  I was truly touched as I began to realize that there have been a few comments and a few bloggers that had shared their thoughts from the heart and touched me in a profound way. I am both Humbled and grateful most of all thank you for sharing such a beautiful gift..

I am amazed at how many people are awake or awakening to their spiritual selves and the similar and coincidental paths traveled to get there. It is a pleasure to be surrounded with so many souls on so many paths sharing love through their words. Both Negative and positive contain growth and lead to the same place if you become aware spiritually whatever path leads you there. The one rule in the end is what you seek is inside you find you find it through love. The gift of truly knowing and loving yourself and your soul with the energy of our Makers loving light is the true gift.

I have up until October 2004 lived a spiritually neglected life, I would ask here and there when I hit a real rough patch which was almost rarely. I was a tough macho ass! Then real Darkness followed and for many years my soul waited as did the love that awaited me there. I had like Ebenezer Scrooge been haunted by ghosts, however they were my creation my sub conscious I suppose trying to tell me to wake up. Amazing how nature smacks us in the back of the head when we ignore the signals for extended periods of time. It takes time to find the true self after so many years of neglect and much work to actually start being able to feel the love of all loves.

I am grateful to be surrounded by so many beautiful souls making our world a better place for all no matter what race, creed, religion, science, no religion, heathen, no matter who you are or  if you find your inner truth I am honored to share with you. Thank you to so many I wish to say that there are some that inspire major changes so deep that you didn’t even realize the significance till they no longer talked to you. Their own demons I suppose, I wish to say a special thank you to my best friend and lover so far in life and my second most inspirational gift after the love of my lord. The path of destruction has lead me to a leap in spiritual growth through love and harmony. Losing the love I had made me want the love I need.

I hope that these thought shared will perhaps bring a smile, from a former Heathen I wish to once again thank you for allowing me to share I am grateful to be able to do so. I hope we can all share a smile and share some love being the change positive and making our world a better place for all we share it with.

I don’t know who said it or who is popular for saying it yet it is the one truth that should ring true to all of us.” What is your inner truth?” “ It all begins inside you!”  “ The answers lie within?” “ Love Heals all!”


Thank you be the Change Positive we owe it to ourselves and our fellow human beings.