Intimate words of my destiny

I wish to share an intimate detail about myself. Words… Words have been one of my greatest lessons and one I have yet to master. I am however becoming more aware of the significance of them in my life as we all must at some point I would imagine.

Words have made me king

Words have destroyed my many kingdoms

Words have brought me love and taken it away

Words I have never uttered have made my world shutter

Words my blessing and my curse

Words I have learned are taken to heart

Words have to be shared from the heart

Words should never be rushed for they have the power to crush

Words have the strength to pick you up

Words thought in despair usually for me end in prayer

Words so beautiful and easy to abuse so dark yet exciting painful and enlightening

Words spoken are my demise or my gift from the great Divine

I own my thoughts and words, in the past words were sloppily chosen

I learned to choose them fast in silly battles of might only now to know I was not right

Words like time are my friend teaching me to live again

Words have destroyed and rebuilt my soul

Think long and hard before you speak your words can make you very weak

Words have made me, broke me, and almost choked me I am grateful for them and as jewels to all of us we should perhaps consider how we use and don’t use them affects us all in one way or another.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and words with you. Words are the most important part of my world without them I could not think for even thinking about thinking involves words. In my heartfelt prayers the light would be warm and comforting in its love yet I would have no words or thoughts to show appreciation or return the affection. I am grateful for the words and respectful of the power they have and the wisdom they share. Please share a smile and some love being the change positive and making our world a better place for all who share it with us. Thank you again.

8 thoughts on “Intimate words of my destiny

  1. My friend I enjoyed this very much!!!! I have a question? If you lived entirely by thought then words would be correct in the way that they are used.. Yet behind the mind is a powerful energy that drives your experience in the human experience. It has a voice yet it is inside of you that calls to you to point to something words have yet to say.. It doesn’t need or want to.. It is without your mind that this energy is possible.. Some call this the greater intelligence it animates this experience and thought was taught to us by the past predicting a future.. On the level of mind communication this thought process has stopped us from experiencing a greater experience it can allow us the experience of a greater love! This energy of love has a way to place your words in the way that can speak from volumes of words that make you directly feel in this moment. The light of you that shines came through but it wasn’t the words itself.. It was your ability to speak from inside yourself! 😉

    • Thank you, that is a very wonderful feeling you share with me through your words. I will say that energy shared brings energy back to that source and in its way the greater love of which you speak. Thank you for sharing it with us. Your light shows with your chosen words of expression and I am honored.

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  3. Joe I enjoyed your post very much, words are a treasure to me as they are to you, I never set out to write, but i quess the Lord had other ideas, as he allows me share with he places within me, There is always something that triggers them and most of the time it is another’s words, another’s sadness, another’s happiness, another’s pain and suffering, all the emotions that are built up inside many of us! God has allowed my heart to be able to listen and to care, to embrace, to hug, to try to show all in the world is not bad, to lift up, to inspire! I never think of myself as a good writer, or someone special, it is always for Him to decide but I hope the words I share will leave a positive impression on many! I am no perfect, but i seek a perfect way to bring others to smile, because that is one of the most infectious items we can share, our smiles, our hearts, our time and our spirits love! That is all that stays with us when we pass on into the next life! When i write I have always sought to make the reader a little better, feel a little better, and to just see that life is not that bad! Your words have a beautiful strength and they have a genuine heart smile! You are a delight to read my friend. I get a lot of awards which are always nice to receive, but to receive a smile from another’s heart, one who shares like be whether a brother or a sister is a lasting gift and treasure. Thanks for your words embrace. They inspire my spirit to share! I like many others have only seen your image, your gravatar, but also I have seen more than just that because I have seen the heart of your smile! God bless my brother and congratulations!

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