A poem… My daughter angry with me

Venomous, spewing, vile fowl evil words meant to take revenge

The kinds of words that destroy the hearts of men

Tell me my Daughter what would you take from me

My love for you is unconditional as is your love for me

Your heart is not talking so I do not hear

That Beautiful young Lady that I love so dear

A reflection from the past shared in the light of my heart as I know that children can sometimes tempt our souls and hearts to turn dark. Especially with our children as we expect so much more from them. I have been learning that expectations are the road to doom… expect the unexpected and handle it as best as you can with love and grace. I obviously missed something when teaching my daughter to be respectful I missed the lesson of respecting myself. My children helped me grow and learn that the light comes from within.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and my choice to find the silver lining allowing me to learn and help my daughter learn as well. I hope we can all share a smile and some love, making positive change and helping make our world a better place for all that we share it with. Thank you again and be the change positive.

3 thoughts on “A poem… My daughter angry with me

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