I am sorry son

When you were a little one

My beautiful boy my little son


There was a twinkle in my eye, a gift from God up in the sky


I watched you grow and helped you along

Forgetting to sing you a heavenly song


I loved you with all my heart and tried to give you a great start

We went to the church’s that I love most we fished with God up above

A gift of love shared with our earth teaching what life is really worth

I failed you in a major way I neglected to teach you to pray


As the tears fill my eye’s and the guilt forces me to repent

I ask a gift from heaven sent

I love you son with all my heart I ask my lord for his gift of love

To hold you on those cold dark nights I ask to give a gift of light from my heart to yours

I pray for you and love you son I beg for the mercy be taken on your soul

I ask him to look over you and give to you the strength of love and the power of prayer

The failure of mine I ask forgiveness and take my pain


I know you must pay for what you did

I must pay for what I did not

I am grateful our Lord above welcomes us both with love

His mercy is great as is his grace

May his love light up your dark place


Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you. Please be the change positive and share a smile share your love and make a difference helping make our world a better place for all who share it.

I am sorry and I love you son I pray for you!


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