Courage with Love

I met a lady who touched my heart

I started to fall in love and walked away


Afraid of loving  

Many times in the past hurt so deep


In the darkness

I saw the light loving her was very right


She was loving

Gentle and kind with a beautiful mind


I knew when we met

She was a gift of the most cherished kind, a gift of the great divine


I left my dreams of wanderlust behind

I returned and things were fine, then my children entered my mind


We had been through so much

Through it all with a gentle loving touch


I lost you then

Through the ignorance and weakness of men my darkness


I suffered and sacrificed

I knew no other

I felt shame for not appreciating the gift from Heaven

I begged forgiveness and mercy from my lord and put my darkness on the sword


I prayed and cried I wept alone

On my Lords Birthday in the snow on top of the mountain at ten below

On my knees I gave a white rose from us one from me and one from you


Asked for a Christmas wish

The first and only in my life, I felt guilt at asking yet I knew

The wish on my Lords day would make him happy too.

Humility and grace the love of our makers light belief in the magic of love

A true gift from above the lady that I love


Before that gift I didn’t believe

I knew our Lord was up above I didn’t think I was worthy

I was such a wretched thing full of lust and greed

The Lady melted most of that in me she looked at me loving eyes and

Saw the real and beautiful me


For months I waited alone in my solitude

I was changing and learning about the virtues and love

I wept many sincere tears for all the harm I had done

 to the many souls I have touched not thinking about the damage caused

The Dark one I had become

I find myself reflecting now as I wait agin

I slipped as did another

What could I have done so wrong to feel the breath of Hate


I have embraced the light

You and I had talked and felt its loving magic

We both have the strength we both know our special souls


I know you are not the one you’re acting like

I understand the darkness as once again me it did bite

I wait and ask for mercy from the great Divine for both our souls are crying now

I ask for strength and love and our Lord above to heal your darkened heart


I wait with sincerity and love in my heart

Courage and Virtues my Lord as my guide

I ask for forgiveness for the dark things that I have done

I ask for forgiveness for what you felt you had to do

I know the gift of love true is meant for me and you


I wait with dignity making minor moves

Looking for a better way to support the dream and see the many sights

The sights we always wanted to see and the dream of heavenly flights


I pray the time it passes quickly

I hope you will believe

In the magic of love and our Gift from up above

I share my thoughts and feeling with courage not despair. I have faith, hope and belief in love as well as an undying faith and love in my Lord and God, through the Holy Spirit within I have no doubt that the light of our creators love shines in all of us. Let the light shine forgive take the hard road and fix things make things right and cherish all the gifts you get from heaven.  I know that Christmas gift may not last forever yet this one was meant to. We all get scared when we step out of the box and into the unknown. It is a gift when you have a gift to do it with, two hearts or souls in unison with our Lord and his blessings are quite a beautiful force themselves. Forgive those you love and forgive yourself and begin living the love you were meant to have.

Thank you for allowing me to share perhaps a smile and some love. It takes great strength and courage to wait yet the reward in the end is worth it even if it doesn’t go your way. Two are always better than one. Yet one will survive, the light of love shows the way. Be the change positive don’t run away from your problems fix them with love and kindness. 

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