A light poem just for a smile… Mcdade Trail

The trail lightly traveled weeds growing in the middle of the ruts dropping quickly to the riverbed below. Enchanted trees, of majestic height, from an ancient time reaching out their arms seeming to swallow the, golden light. Flowers small and fragile, beautiful and sweet, with the grass and moss the heads of rocks surround.

Emerald, forest, dark and light abound the shades of green like laurel everywhere were found. As the purples and the yellows, reds and blues all the colors of the spectrum Mother Nature used. Around and up the hill amazement with the field ahead, gold and green and tall it’s stalks like a fortress protecting a treasure deep within.

Gentle winds singing with the birds in the trees, the frogs and katydids and small critters chiming in providing harmony. The rivers commanding presence the background as the symphonic song of nature plays its song of togetherness a classical we all know. The song that calms the savage beast and refreshes the heart of all the song you hear with reverence and listening to your heart.

My heart it feels much better now that I walked my favorite trail, if only a memory a vision sweeps my mind of a much happier place and time. I owe a debt of thanks for the beauty and the treasure both then and now. Thank you Mather Nature for your treasure chest, the world that surrounds us is the very best.

Thanks for the smile, Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts. As a form of expression I am going out of my box and trying something new hope you enjoy and please comment if you are so moved… or want to help me out with a pointer or a smile that is cool too. Please share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all that share it with us. A spacial thanks today to Mother Nature!