Her Eyes

Darkness with a ring of gold going deep into your soul

Entranced and intrigued mysterious and held I find my own

The blue grey ringed in gold going deep into my soul

You looked within and saw the stars the many tears and the many scars

I saw your tenderness and your pain I saw the stars and a shining light

For me it was love at first sight

I love the way you look at me it takes my heart and sets it free

The love it feels when in your eyes is for me the ultimate prize

Every day I long to see your beautiful eye’s looking at me

Longing for you to see the love you saw the first time you gazed

The fire it lit the passionate flames the ones we lit when we saw our souls

The flames still burning when we grow old

The eternal love of our souls

The brown ringed in gold the darkness the door to your soul

Your eyes they bring me lots of joy

Thank you for opening mine

And a special thanks to the Divine


Just a short expressed thought I am feeling rather like life is Beautiful and some of the things I love in a very special way move me in an artistic way. I am especially moved today. My aunt made me cinnamon rolls from scratch just like my Grandma used to make with coffee frosting and raisins. I was so truly touched last year I had gone to visit her and my Grand ma and brought with me canned baked cinnamon rolls. I had mentioned that it had been years since I had had one made from scratch and with love. I even blogged about the day and the rolls.

Today I went to the “Hunting site” of my family since Utah became a State and probably before that. I didn’t go to hunt I went for lunch with my family many of which come from other states. It was great to see them however my Aunt making me Cinnamon rolls and giving them to me was very much an act of love that brought tears of joy to my eye;s and a much needed hug for my soul.

Thanks for allowing me to share a thought or two and a smile, perhaps helping another smile. I hope we can all share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all we share it with. Please share a smile and some love be the change positive! Thank you again.

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