Farewell with love my dream

My heart though broken

Hears the words you have spoken


Free you are to live your dreams

I no longer will call you Queen


My Dreams die

Many tears have I cried


My love has been scorned

My heart has been torn


I set you free

Now just another Beautiful memory


The truth is that I love you so

Now out of love, I let you go


Good bye


Thanks for allowing me to share with you, a smile is in my thought as I wish the best and with love ask for mercy from above. I may one day find my love true and for the last time have my heart broken. I have a positive and beautiful soul so you never know. Perhaps there is no Queen for me and that would be okay though the thought breaks my heart I have to live life by my heart and if it is to be it will. I am grateful to have felt love and lived it even if the many times I have felt it I felt the pain deeply. I love long and deep and suppose the pain is supposed to be as long and deep.

I am not ashamed to weep or ask twice yet my dignity requires respect at least a human level and cruelty is not acceptable to my soul. I ask my maker for peace and my lord for his guidance and love. Sorry its not a bright and shiny piece yet it is filled with love and positive change. Please share a smile and help make our world a better place for all that share it. Be the change positive.