The yellow Baron, shot down for the 100th time!

The seasoned veteran prepared for what he prayed would be his last battle. His body worn from many years of hard work and many holes shot through his heart each wound deep and the memories always fresh.

He put on his scarf and fitted his cap, his heart raced as he climbed in his bird a yellow Tri plane with a purple Angel painted on its body. His mind racing his thoughts of all the pain made him momentarily pause a brief glimpse of fear.

The day was Gorgeous the skies were all clear the just starting to rise a perfect day for the event. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted her. The most Beautiful Lady he had ever seen,  She flew a plane of yellow too, the emblem on the side an Angel as well.

They flew so very high dancing swiftly through the sky, dropping towards the ground with amazing speed then back up with incredible ease. They soared like Eagles do when mating embraced in a beautiful embrace heading towards the ground and death at an unimaginable speed so close to the ground they came swiftly parting and flying away.

The seasoned veteran on the ground, his heart bleeding from many wounds some of them new. His mind it raced, his dream so close this was the one who he knew was the one. She headed off into the sun. He was tired now the many shattered dreams taking their toll fear would not keep him down the next time the siren sounds. Many times the tearing of his heart he had felt the pain sharp and deep the bleeding on the ground the tears flooding the Heavens well the one that’s very deep.

The seasoned veteran, now on his knees again talking to his very special friend. I ask he says with the greatest of humility ,”May the next one please be the last for eternity”? He knew the answer wasn’t for him to know and that he shouldn’t have asked. His friend comforted and loved him as the scars began to form. A little more tattered and worn much wiser now yet still alone. Looking into the sun waiting for the Beautiful Lady the Angel in my dream.

A thought or two shared with you, thank you for your time and sharing with me a smile. Be the change positive and keep trying and growing share a smile and some love making our world a better place for all that share it

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