I may not be an A student… I strive to be one

As a friend and I talked it occurred to me that as I ponder going to school and learning to write in a more meaningful and artistic way.  As well as learn the true depth and beauty of words. That my friend is a National Honor Student that has put forth a great deal of effort to do her best and is not even really happy with just an A. De javu? Epiphany? Smelling Coffee? As I want to be the best I can be and will certainly work for an A, my conscious self, recognized a valuable truth. That is what has been part of my problem and is a problem in most relationships… Personal, spiritual, business, romantic and especially committed in any way shape or form.. A, c effort and probably not doing homework so to speak.

My friend likes yoga and I would love to do some with her, That, would be homework on not just the relationship but on the soul and the spiritual relationship as well. I would be willing to bet that a ten or fifteen minute meditation shared and a prayer shared together before bed would drastically with an A effort change your life. Relaxing meditation and removing the negative energy and stress followed by a show of spiritual gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of life and be human and experience the physical beauty and pleasures that are part of the gift. Our spiritual side is grateful and loving of all that surrounds it. Neglecting your spirit is like a sentence of “purgatory” so to speak as is a relationship with no truth and love. The conscious self, thrives on the truth and love, my friend helps me see the value of patience, a virtue.

I am at heart that one guy that wants to be truly me and that means unique as we are all truly unique yet as unique as we are we are all connected and we all have a responsibility to our individual self’s and become conscious to who we are and make an A effort in the living of a loving and responsible life. As a human being I wish to shine, as a conscious human being my soul wishes for the world to shine. The combined effort of many leads to change, the combined efforts of a conscious many changes the world in a positive way.

We are not all A students, however we are all capable of the effort to become A citizens and human beings. We are all fully capable of becoming conscious and aware of who we are at the spiritual level. We all are connected and have within us the energy as well as the love of our Creator, God in what, ever name or form you wish to call him.

Faith in my Lord for me is etched in my consciousness and part of my heritage, my path is mine and I choose to make a conscious effort to live the law of love, treat your neighbor as you would treat yourself. Love everything for what it is our life, our world, our universe our Creator, be grateful for the opportunity to be a part of life. Love the moments and make an A effort to be positive and help change our world.

Thank you for allowing me to share some inspired thoughts, that were inspired by the light and love shared with two souls that affect me in a very Beautiful way. My Beautiful friend and My Lord, that nurtures and guides my conscious self. I may slip and have a long way to go I however have perseverance and knowledge as well as the heart to be the “ Me” I came here to be. We all have a part to play and it begins with being conscious. Please share a smile share your love and be the change positive and make our world a better place for all that share it.

The war within

I sit alone in my castle of solitude

Drifting through the very depths of my mind

The very essence of my space and time

Thoughts of darkness and demons

Angels and love, those from the heavens sent from above

Swiftly and sweetly they do their work

The torment and pain they recede

As I ask for help in the fight

Please take my ego and squash it with light

Love me and please use all of your might

Teach me help me to lose this terrible thing

This ego of darkness that wrestles for my soul

Send it to the darkness from whence it came

That I may win the battle and my soul once again claim

Help me my Lord I have faith in your love

Send me an Angel to help me win

Help me battle my greatest sin

That of my ego that fights to survive

My soul is much stronger I am grateful to be alive

The beautiful battle is something to see

The outcome decided my soul will shine free

Thank you my Lord and the powers that be

The force of love that take care of me

My gratitude is endless as is my humility

Thank you God for creating and sharing with me.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought and some of my heart and perhaps a smile. Share your thoughts and a smile be the change positive and help make our world a better place for all that share it. Thank you again.