My path to conciousness and my belief in magic.

I choose to share a piece of me that is very deep and very much a part of my conscious self. It is somewhat painful to share for some reason sharing intimate thoughts and feelings especially your own truth is only possible for me because of my love of self. Self-expression is a gift that I have been blessed with. I have to question everything and take every road even if it is that dark alley in the bad neighborhood. I have learned many lessons and made many mistakes along the way.

I learned a great many lessons through failed love and relationships, the realization some seven or eight years ago that I had a conscience and a responsibility to my soul and the one that created it was very important. I found consciousness through the words of others and many thanks do I owe and to myself I owe a great debt. The first glimpse of consciousness came through a book about finding yourself through healing your heart by finding the inner light of our creator God as most call him.

The book challenged my perception that had been dictated by religion and the society that helped shape that perception. As a youth I went to church on Sundays and heard the lessons taught and the scriptures read. Thinking my connection with God existed within that Church and the religious rules and doctrine. I knew as I grew into my teens I was headed for hell. The religious doctrine convincing me I was not worthy because of my thoughts and my natural desire to live and learn as much as I could. My natural human and spiritual desire had sentenced my soul to hell?

I had given up on even trying to get to heaven let alone share my heart with God and get love in return well that was preposterous. Yet here it was the concept as shared with many in many languages. The answer lies within, by becoming consciously aware of our inner spirit and our relationship with it we begin to learn to hear the sound of our inner voice that of our soul. That book followed by several communication books and building relationships books had started a new perception and awareness putting me in touch with my true self through many hours and days of combined tears and the stuff that sends one to hell. Confessed to myself and my Lord and the true conscious will and desire to learn a new way. I then read another book thanks to Oprah that book put another perspective on evil and the ego that seemed to reinforce what the other books were saying.

Now we get to the crux of my pain and story Oprah my wonderful friend put another book on her list and well that is where I am at… Getting the love you want, another book, a book by the same author that opened my eyes and challenged me to find my consciousness and find God. The book is one of healing a lifetimes worth of damage through open honest communication in a loving way sharing of souls. In turn healing each other with love teaching compassion empathy and acceptance. Creative resolutions through mutual sharing and discovery of self together building the ultimate relationship and finding love true together and becoming one with each other and god.2

That is perhaps a dream or fantasy however I am first and foremost an optimistic soul and as I do believe in miracles I suppose I believe in magic as well  you know when the guy gets hurt a hundred times by his dream girl and in the end they ride off into the sunset. Or the girl that gets hurt and distressed and her Prince comes from out of the blue and saves her. Hollywood magic and that of fairy tales is part of the wild card factor. I am a wild card kind of spirit hoping to get lucky and realize the greatest gift of all true love of self, true love of another and true love of God through conscious effort and becoming truly conscious of the world on which we reside and the Universe we share with.

I would like to thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and a smile with you. It is my dream to find that beautiful lady that wants love true as much as I do. Enough to build a strong foundation of trust and faith by becoming conscious and consciously building from the ground up with the expert help of our creator creating the loving relationship he had in mind for us when he made us. Share your heart and a smile forms of positive change helping our world become a better place for all of us that live here.  Be the change positive and help make our world a better place.