Beautiful life and ripples..

It is a Beautiful time to be alive, we have opportunity to help change our world in a very meaningful and positive way. The ripple effect has new and much more vast meaning and can effect changes much more rapidly. The internet and the modern media have opened doors that were closed to most of the world. Opened the eyes of people to the vast knowledge and vast amounts of opportunity.

We are in the time of knowledge and spiritual waste at the expense of our souls and mankind. If we all were to believe that we just live and die what would the point in living be?  I have a strong faith in our being here to learn and share and most importantly to learn the ways of love as it is the greatest gift and the hardest to master.

Love is like math or the ripple effect it starts with one and multiplies to many. The beauty of the time and space in which we share is that we can reach thousands even tens of thousands perhaps even millions with our love and the lessons learned from that love. We all know the dark side of love even if we haven’t experienced it surrounds us and chokes off the beauty of the bright side. You can only appreciate the good side if you have learned the lessons of the dark side. True appreciation and gratitude are lessons learned through hardship.

Lessons learned through experience especially love have the deepest effect on our ever evolving beings get hurt next time don’t even try. Bah… learn and grow next time handle things differently. Mistakes show us why. Love shows us how. I have been through much love and am grateful for the gift and the lessons learned. The most important of which I wish to share, there is a great teacher that will help us when we ask.

Our Lord is the foremost authority on the subject, having been perfect he has felt all the pain and joy of love on its many levels. If you meditate and ask with your spirit the help of our lord his loving light will comfort you and your spirit will guide you. It won’t happen just because you try once with no effort just your tears and pain. Comfort perhaps yet a real relationship is work and just like the one with your significant other. I became aware of my conscious self almost seven years ago and am just beginning to make up for lost time. Forty one years of asking for help and never being grateful for what a wonderful life I have had. Comfort always came yet I felt excluded and unworthy.

I excluded myself by neglecting my soul and in turn my fellow man and my many times broken heart. I am grateful and humbled as well as loved thanks to my mistakes and my dark side my ego. I now can truly appreciate the gifts we are all given with life and the opportunity to learn grow and love as shared by our Lord in his gentle way. My mistakes allow me to learn and grow, from negative comes positive through the strength of the human spirit shared and the love of our Creator. Open your mind and become conscious of who you are and ask the questions from your consciousness live life as you not your ego.

Keep sharing your stories thoughts feelings and most importantly your love and gratitude as these things bring about the change positive making our world a better place for all who share it. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and a smile with you I am grateful for your time and your love shared. Use the internet and share your lessons learned  causing the ripple to grow and make our world a better place, we can change the world with love and respect for each other and our Creator.