My Greatest Battle…Ego vs Soul

It is an honor and a gift that I share my thoughts with you. Inspiration in my heart this day comes from many places as have the effect on my being. Many thoughts shared in this forum and many of the writers here have great courage and great and beautiful souls share their love both through their pain and sacrifice as well as their joy.

My greatest battle begins within my own being as it is said for many I am my own worst enemy. A fierce warrior am I on my human side. A loving and gentle soul that sees and feels the beauty and light of love and creation. My human side set on survival at any cost my spiritual side set on love accepting, forgiving, loving unconditionally all of our makers creation in its glory beautiful as it is struggles, pain and joy.

My spiritual side grateful for the opportunity to be human and feel the comfort of another and the physical side of love the sensual and the sexual. The love shared between two physical forms intertwined and with the right pair at the right time the merger of spirit and soul becomes the most sacred of feelings I personally have ever felt.  My human side lusts for the true joy and bliss felt by my soul. We were meant to help each other learn to embrace our souls. One in my life has had that gift one that we had only began to share.

When I first read about the concept of our egos being our dark side I was shocked and questioned the validity of such a concept. As I began my search for the truth at least my inner truth I began the biggest greatest battle the one for me the one to truly be me. I am who I am, a merger of spirit and physical form in a perfect sense the two would have balance. If all my life every influence was loving and correct my ego would be loving and correct. Every negative lesson had an effect on both my ego and my spirit. Every positive lesson had an effect on my spirit.

The truth for me is that my ego is a very skilled and knowledgeable warrior that knows my soul it realizes its survival is at stake and will fight both high and low. Its energy massive and terrifying hurled outwards grasping for control in the end knowing that the soul and spirit will prevail. I have been consciously fighting my demons for years thanks to and for the love of many. The closer I get the more I realize how grateful I am for the gift of being human.

The gift of true friendship and love with another that may hold you tight in the darkest part of the battle is a gift that is rare yet for those who have such a gift the demons defeated together are shared love that lasts for eternity soul intertwined with soul shining bright lighting the darkness with a bond that we are given an opportunity to create.

True healing and love begins within yet when others provide support it makes it a little quicker. On our own we are capable and have the strength within to heal through love and respect of  our souls. First we have to silence our egos so our souls can speak and be heard. They speak softly so we have to pay attention to them. Share your love from your soul and not your ego. The soul will be the one waiting for the ego to waste its energy and then will light your path.

These are the thoughts that weigh on me as I battle my greatest foe myself. I ask and wish that all of us may have someone to hold and love on the journey of life that may inspire you to fight the greatest battle you may ever fight and defeat the win at all cost ego that your human side presents to battle the beautiful soul within. The soul always wins in the end, the ego can not defeat that which does not fight the energy absorbed and converted to love with the help of our greatest gift… The love of our Lord and creator shared with the spirit of our makers own love.

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and perhaps a smile as sharing is an act of positive change and love making our world a better place for all who share it. Be the change positive and nurture your soul.

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