I wait for you

I am a creation of art a work of Beauty that stands alone

The result of many strokes of the brush some dark some light

Chiseled hammered a foundation of stone

My actions inspiring and setting the tone

The music played a semi sad tune

When combined with yours becomes a lovely score

You are a creation of art a work of beauty that stands alone

Your heart it sings a semi sad song

When we share our hearts we hear a very beautiful sound

The sound of picking our souls up off the ground

We reach for a higher place where peace, joy, tranquility and happiness abound

Reaching for the heavens where true love and comfort are found

Meditate and pray with me for all the things we have done

Giving thanks for all we learned and how far we have come

Love the past away wrap it all in love begin a new day

With renewed and reborn love with the help of our Lord

Our Creator, our Lord, and the Holy Spirit and the shared love

The greatest gift one has is nothing if it’s not shared

I wait for you my love the twin in my strand of life

Complimenting and inspiring each other through love true

Inspired by the love of our Lord and given as gift by our Maker shared through the spirit

Love true unconditional and eternal


 Some day’s I am just moved to express myself in many ways as I grow and learn the ways of love and life. Thank you, for allowing me to share my thoughts a smile and some love making positive change is helping make our world a better place for all that share and live on it. Please share a smile and some love be the change positive.