My dream and My Beautifull Queen The Most Beautiful Lady in the world to me.

The thing my heart desires most

The one thing it wishes

The one thing it has unlimited amounts of

The one thing that it wants to have

Is someone to care

Someone with which to share

Someone to hold

Through warm and cold

Someone by my side while I grow old

Hand in hand

Soul intertwined with soul

For Eternity with the Grace

Of the Universe and our Lord

Love is not for one alone

My heart and soul have wisdom gained

As has yours from all the heart felt pain

The light it shines for us now

Our time has come

To end the fear

Hear the whisper in our hearts

The cry of joy in our souls longing to be free

No longer just you and I

Truly becoming we

Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and feelings with any luck a smile and some love share your smile and be the change positive share your heart and help change our world for all that live here making it a better place with love and acceptance.

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