Responsibility and love… Positive Change!

In the last few weeks of dealing with young adults a few things have come to mind as far as writing topics and positive change. Most if not all change positive begins with ourselves and our minds as well as attitudes. On that note I chose the subject of responsibility as it is hitting close to home in my life and those I live with.

It is interesting that taking personal responsibility is the one most life changing thing one can do to make positive change for ones self and in turn for our world. By accepting responsibility for ones self, one may change ones behavior, thoughts, actions, emotions and ones life and the lives of those around one.

I have at times recently had issue with my world and those I chose to share my life with. Responsibility and personal responsibility have been the main issue for me when I have found myself somewhat hurt or at times even angry. I chose my path and chose it with my heart felt love and the open minded and unconditional love I feel for my loved ones both near and far. It is at times difficult to let others be themselves and love them unconditionally when they choose to be irresponsible and even take advantage of my unconditional love.

I have to step back and put in perspective that I chose and am responsible for my current situation and love unconditionally without being run over with the irresponsible bus. The things I learn as I grow and love unconditionally about myself are some of the greatest gifts I have received by choosing the path I am on. Difficult as it may seem at times yet when I step back and feel the love and the light within grow and shine the difficulties get smaller and with love less frequent.

I share my thoughts and hope that as we all look within and accept responsibility for our feelings, lives and our places in life we may do so in a loving growing and positive way making changes and becoming the change positive and making our world a better place for all human beings. Responsibility and taking such is a part of love for oneself and in the path to making the change positive an essential ingredient.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile I do wish all a heart felt wish of great love in our lives and ask that we all share a smile share some love and be the change positive making our world a better place for all human beings and all that share our planet. Thank you again for your being the change positive and taking the time to read my posts and share my thoughts.


6 thoughts on “Responsibility and love… Positive Change!

  1. “… when I step back and feel the love and the light within grow and shine the difficulties get smaller …” Reminds me of my faith. Well said! So simple, yet we miss it sometimes. We’re all works in progress, aren’t we? Thank you for sharing this with us 🙂


  2. It’s all about attitude – whatever our circumstance – at the moment – we can Choose to “See ” it one way or the other way ==== 🙂
    Best To You x

    • Thank You! Your comment brings a great smile when I needed one! 🙂 Sorry for the delay I haven’t been on here much lap top died and no smart phone… A new laptop and a new day. I will be here more often. I love your posts I can read those on m,y semi smart phone!!

  3. It’s good to see all the positive changes happening in your life, Joe. I’ve often wondered how you were, and where you were, etc. Please allow me to apologize for any pain I ever caused you during our short time together. Now that you’re back in Utah, have you contacted Mike? Haven’t talked to Shelly in *years*, and can only hope she’s doing better, too. Wow… For the first time in a long time, I don’t quite know what to say, other than I’m happy for you, and hope that your life continues to improve.

    • Thank you for stopping and commenting. No need to apologize you were forgiven many years ago and the lesson learned is a treasure in my heavenly chest. As far as mike or anyone else from my past I have not pursued nor will I such the past is the past. Life is change and we have all changed I hope for the best and in a positive way. I hope things have gone well for you and that your life is filled with the greatest gift of all Love. Joe

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