An update and new begining… I moved!

Well it has been a while and I must say thank you to all the people who read and follow my ramblings and thoughts shared. I haven’t given up writing just taken a break and actually been very busy in many aspects of my life. I committed to the Queen of my heart and we moved in together along with her 17 year old daughter and one of her friends. We moved into a nice apartment and have began a new life of positive change and growth.

It has been a challenge for me in many ways and my time free time has been rare and short along with transferring internet connections and just packing and moving in general. However change is good and for me I am grateful for the love and the gifts love brings.

Some of the challenges have been overwhelming at times especially for me and the two young ladies that come with my Queen yet as we learn and grow in a positive way we are all becoming better human beings and better souls. It has been especially beneficial for the young ladies to be in an environment that is positive and nurturing with a positive male role model something that has been rare in their world.

It was my hope as I started this blog to encourage positive change and growth especially in regards to men as we seem to have the hardest time accepting and adapting to change. Men are so conditioned to allow their ego’s to rule their lives that they can rarely admit that they are wrong and even less likely to learn from their mistakes. I do hope that as I share my thoughts and my world that I may inspire more men to accept the challenge to grow and learn from those around them especially the women they share time and space with rather than take them for granted.

The thoughts I share are inspired by the life I live and the lessons I learn and as I move down the path I now travel I am quite sure that I will learn and share many lessons with those I love and those I encounter. For me my work world is one of men and a rough group are we that work construction so it is a beautiful thing that I add balance with my after work activities in an environment surrounded by beautiful women.  They add depth and color to my world and perhaps to my writing as well.

I just wanted to start back in with a short post and some thoughts as I ponder the direction I want to take in writing this blog that it may better reflect my heart and the love within. I wish to share meaningful thoughts and inspiration that may help others on their journey’s while helping me express myself in a meaningful way.

Thank you for reading and continuing to read my pages and allowing me to share some thoughts. I do hope we can all share a smile and share some love making change in a positive way and making our world a better place for all human beings and all we share our world with. Thank you again and I will start writing again regularly in a short time as the dust settles from the move and the beginning of my Queen and I starting our new life together.


10 thoughts on “An update and new begining… I moved!

  1. Delighted to read this post. Have been wondering about you? Thank You, you appear on Valentine’s Day or perhaps the eve for you. Happy St. Valentine’s Day and Blessings. !!!

    • Thank you Zahir, my prayers are with you as well and thank you for your thoughts and wishes as well! I am going to catch up this weekend with your posts and look forward to reading what you have shared!

  2. Happy to see you back and seems you are now all settled, so I think we can look forward to reading more of your inspired thoughts .. Change comes in many forms, and Im happy to read about your own positive Move.. ~Blessings to you and yours.. ~Sue Dreamwalker

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