Responsibility and love… Positive Change!

In the last few weeks of dealing with young adults a few things have come to mind as far as writing topics and positive change. Most if not all change positive begins with ourselves and our minds as well as attitudes. On that note I chose the subject of responsibility as it is hitting close to home in my life and those I live with.

It is interesting that taking personal responsibility is the one most life changing thing one can do to make positive change for ones self and in turn for our world. By accepting responsibility for ones self, one may change ones behavior, thoughts, actions, emotions and ones life and the lives of those around one.

I have at times recently had issue with my world and those I chose to share my life with. Responsibility and personal responsibility have been the main issue for me when I have found myself somewhat hurt or at times even angry. I chose my path and chose it with my heart felt love and the open minded and unconditional love I feel for my loved ones both near and far. It is at times difficult to let others be themselves and love them unconditionally when they choose to be irresponsible and even take advantage of my unconditional love.

I have to step back and put in perspective that I chose and am responsible for my current situation and love unconditionally without being run over with the irresponsible bus. The things I learn as I grow and love unconditionally about myself are some of the greatest gifts I have received by choosing the path I am on. Difficult as it may seem at times yet when I step back and feel the love and the light within grow and shine the difficulties get smaller and with love less frequent.

I share my thoughts and hope that as we all look within and accept responsibility for our feelings, lives and our places in life we may do so in a loving growing and positive way making changes and becoming the change positive and making our world a better place for all human beings. Responsibility and taking such is a part of love for oneself and in the path to making the change positive an essential ingredient.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and perhaps a smile I do wish all a heart felt wish of great love in our lives and ask that we all share a smile share some love and be the change positive making our world a better place for all human beings and all that share our planet. Thank you again for your being the change positive and taking the time to read my posts and share my thoughts.

Positive change and negative results…

Sometimes change even in a positive direction causes negative reactions and negative results. I have been trying to adjust as have the three women I share a home with. The hope was that by moving from a negative environment the young Ladies that moved with us would benefit from a clean structured and positive home. I had hoped things would transition smoothly yet knew that the change would be a challenge.

Several weeks before we made our move we had shared some thoughts and set some ground rules for our new life in our new home. The daughter of my future wife and the love of my life has grown up in such a way that she has had no real rules and no real enforcement of the few rules she has had. Her mother has been the mom, dad, and provider as well as the only parent for the most part working an extraordinary amount of hours to raise her three children and the less fortunate friends they bring home and invite to stay as they have their own family problems and don’t want to live in their environments.

It is a challenge for the young Lady to now be in an environment that has some structure and rules if you would call them such. In addition to that I am somewhat sarcastic at times rather than be brutally honest so as to spare some of my hardness from the young ladies. I am not so good at toning down my man side at times and my world is a harsh one for the most part. My sarcasm although from my perspective is far less harsh is taken as severe and harsh by the young ladies. It is still far less offensive than my bluntness.

One example that I will share is of dishes and cleanliness the home they just moved from was always cluttered and the counters were always littered as was the sink with dirty dishes. It was laid out before we moved that the ground rules were clean up after yourself and put your dirty dishes in the dish washer. There are to be no dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter at any time. My first day of work after moving I came home to spilled macaroni on the floor. The second day I came home to dirty counters and a dirty plate and fork in the sink.

My response was to wait for her mother and have her mother deal with asking her to clean up her mess. It was a mistake anyway I chose to deal with it. Her mother asked her nicely and her response was it just a f…ing dish what’s the big deal. After an hour of yelling and screaming she finally got the message that it wasn’t the dish that was the problem it was the lack of consideration and respect that was the problem.  During the conversation with her mother she broke my only rule for her, my only “rule” was that she respects her mother and her mother’s rules.

Since the day we moved my hopes have risen and dropped with the days and the behavior of this young lady. It is really becoming a challenge as of late as I enforce she resists and becomes more defiant and tries to drive a wedge between her mother and I exerting her temper and increasing disrespectful  words. I feel bad for her and mostly for her mother as my hope for a smooth transition and a responsible young lady in the making becomes a real challenge to my resolve and my relationship with the most Beautiful and loving Lady I have had the blessing to know and love.

I am working on getting us into family counseling and hope that an outside perspective may help us all. It is unfortunate that counseling only helps when one seeks it and I hope that the young lady will be open to a new perspective and enter into it with an open mind. I share these thoughts in hopes that my experience will help another or perhaps help me with some feed back from another that perhaps has had a similar experience. It helps to write and express my thoughts and feelings I hope in a positive way. I hope we can all share a smile and some love and help change our world in a positive way. Share your smile and love be the change positive and I wish you all my heart felt wish of great love in your lives!


An update and new begining… I moved!

Well it has been a while and I must say thank you to all the people who read and follow my ramblings and thoughts shared. I haven’t given up writing just taken a break and actually been very busy in many aspects of my life. I committed to the Queen of my heart and we moved in together along with her 17 year old daughter and one of her friends. We moved into a nice apartment and have began a new life of positive change and growth.

It has been a challenge for me in many ways and my time free time has been rare and short along with transferring internet connections and just packing and moving in general. However change is good and for me I am grateful for the love and the gifts love brings.

Some of the challenges have been overwhelming at times especially for me and the two young ladies that come with my Queen yet as we learn and grow in a positive way we are all becoming better human beings and better souls. It has been especially beneficial for the young ladies to be in an environment that is positive and nurturing with a positive male role model something that has been rare in their world.

It was my hope as I started this blog to encourage positive change and growth especially in regards to men as we seem to have the hardest time accepting and adapting to change. Men are so conditioned to allow their ego’s to rule their lives that they can rarely admit that they are wrong and even less likely to learn from their mistakes. I do hope that as I share my thoughts and my world that I may inspire more men to accept the challenge to grow and learn from those around them especially the women they share time and space with rather than take them for granted.

The thoughts I share are inspired by the life I live and the lessons I learn and as I move down the path I now travel I am quite sure that I will learn and share many lessons with those I love and those I encounter. For me my work world is one of men and a rough group are we that work construction so it is a beautiful thing that I add balance with my after work activities in an environment surrounded by beautiful women.  They add depth and color to my world and perhaps to my writing as well.

I just wanted to start back in with a short post and some thoughts as I ponder the direction I want to take in writing this blog that it may better reflect my heart and the love within. I wish to share meaningful thoughts and inspiration that may help others on their journey’s while helping me express myself in a meaningful way.

Thank you for reading and continuing to read my pages and allowing me to share some thoughts. I do hope we can all share a smile and share some love making change in a positive way and making our world a better place for all human beings and all we share our world with. Thank you again and I will start writing again regularly in a short time as the dust settles from the move and the beginning of my Queen and I starting our new life together.