My way of knowing my true self shared…

The thoughts I share today are of my path to finding my truth and my core. I was privileged to share my thoughts with my Queen and best friend after three months of heart wrenching separation we found our Love true. She had asked how I got to my level of spirituality and how I had such a deep knowledge of who I am. I still have far to go yet my progress is great.

I had written a post a few weeks or so back about opposites or the same and that has great significance as far as knowing who I am and my friend Mitch knowing who he is. The path to self knowledge at ones core is actually quite simple in context yet hard to do. It is about finding the love and light that dwells within and love is!

The path is quite simple, take your thoughts and or feelings and weigh them against your heart. If the thoughts and or feelings are love related then they come from your core. If they are anything else they are of your ego. If they are negative in any way they are ego if they are positive for you and others they are from your core.

The light in our souls or core is never negative, love is never negative. If your thoughts or actions are of a negative towards yourself or any one or anything even if your heart was torn out or some one did you wrong then they are of darkness and not of your core being. Many that blog with a positive message encourage positive thoughts and feelings some mention the chemicals our bodies produce when we are happy and the ones that we produce when we are negative. The chemicals are either good for us and help us feel better or they are bad for us and degrade our health.

If you want to know you… You are Love! Love is what we are meant to be and we were created with love and if we weigh our thoughts and feelings with love we know who we truly are!

My thoughts expressed are shared with you from my heart with the love of who I am and in hope that some may benefit from the thoughts I share. I do indeed know my core and through love have found love and am ever so grateful for the love of our God and my Lord. Thank you and please share a smile and share your love.  Be the change positive and make our world a better place for all of us and all that share it.

The New Year and one of Love and Hope!

As we start out the New Year, I would like to first say Happy New Year to all! I hope it is the best yet for all of us! That said I choose to express some thoughts on Hope.

I had been questioning the value of hope as many times in my life I have heard the expression Hope in one Hand and spit in the other or wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one gets full first. My dad or step dad used to say such things as I was growing up and I have heard the expression much through out my existence.

I have been going through some great changes and with much distress and loneliness for the last few months. Although the rewards are great and the sacrifice was great I have come through a better person and a more beautiful soul. The depth of the lessons, and the gifts received far outweigh the sadness and the pain of heart ache.

I had occasion to speak with my mom a few days ago as I sat with her for dinner and as I was very down and questioning the Value of hope she shared a gift I take to heart and her wisdom although I have questioned at times is a wisdom I cherish. I asked her what is the point of hope? We do or we do not what does hope, have to do with anything? We can hope all day yet if nothing comes from it what is the point?

Her response was one of great enlightenment to me as far as the word the concept and my mothers wisdom. Hope she shared is what we live for, it is what we start our days with, it is what we do during our day and how we end our day. We get up in the morning and “Hope” we have a good day, we go through our day and as we see those less fortunate we “Hope” things get better for them as we end our day we “Hope” tomorrow is a better day.

Hope has a High place in our Hearts and with hope we take action and make our lives and the lives of others a more beautiful and fulfilling one. I often see those less fortunate than I in some ways and am inspired to share with them what I may in hopes of making their day or lives a little better. They in turn share the gift of hope back in my heart as I hope that I helped in some way.

Through Love we take action on the hopes that our love inspires and truly make our lives and those we touch more Beautiful and Brighter as well as more loving. Through the grace of Love and Hope we can all make our world a better place and our lives more meaningful and fill our hearts with the love they need.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and some of my love and hopes. I learn and grow with the greatest of Love in my Heart, that of my Lord and my God. The many times I have been with out hope through the many difficult and heart wrenching tragedies and some of the loneliest days a man can experience there has been an answer within and love from within even on the darkest of days. The answer has been found in the light of Love and the Hope of our maker that we will find that love and persevere.

Thank  You all and my hope for the New Year is that we may all find the Love and hope within to share that Love and make our world a better place for all who live on it and will in the future. We as Human Beings are the Creation of Love and Hope our maker wish’s and hopes we will are share our Love and be Beautiful people and Beautiful souls.   Thank you again and I hope we can all share a smile share our love and be the change positive and make our world a better place for all that exists on and in it! Be the change positive and please share your Love!