Virtues and our World…

I have been growing and learning as long as I have been alive yet the last few years and specifically the last few months have been very enlightening and very beneficial to me as a Human Being and in my case a man. I have I suppose hit a point at which we all at times hit and tried to learn from my mistakes and for me at my age even with a lot of previous soul searching I had not the maturity to truly learn from my past.  I share these thoughts today on a major issue that we as societies and people quite often forget and rarely even consider in our daily lives.  I know as a youth I learned a little about them and the youth of today probably don’t even know what they are. The fact is I rarely even hear the word Virtue anymore.

Every Religions share a few common Virtues, as do the Eastern Philosophies, for Christians there are many yet the first three that are mentioned and by far the most common are Love, Joy, Peace and the others Faithfulness ,Gentleness, Patience, Kindness, Generosity and Self control.

The top three Muslim Virtues are Justice, Love and Humility.

The top three for the Jewish Faith are Faith, Hope and Love.

The Eastern Philosophies, embrace many of the same in different terms and words yet the same values Good Character, Inner Strength, Integrity, Sharing, Moral Excellence and Goodness

That said it is a very intriguing thought that swims in my head. Why when we all share such similar Virtues and they are of such great importance have we forgotten about applying them in our daily lives?

It seems that if the great Religions and their followers would abide by what they preach and live a virtuous life that there would be no wars and no hungry people. What is it that stops us from sharing the one most common Virtue… Love?  If we could realize Love we can Change our world and Honor ourselves and our God by what ever name you may know him.  The time to be the change is now and it would be a great thing if we took the time to share our Virtues and our Love with Each other and our Children.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and perhaps a smile as I share from my heart a message of  Love and Peace for all. I hope we can all share a smile and share our love being the Change positive. I through much effort have learned that we do not learn and become on our own we learn and grow with each other and our respective inner truths evolve and become as we grow. My personal path is one of dark and light a Spiritual Journey and with the grace of my Lord is one of Love and Hope. Thank you once again and I hope we can be the change positive for our world and make it a better place for all of us Human Beings.