A Beautiful Soul

A Beautiful Soul is more priceless

Than any Earthly Gold

It’s not something that is bought or sold


The fact of the matter its something

That you’re Borne with

You lose as you grow old


When it gets dark its not soShiny

The world sees not the glow

Yet if you look very deep

A secret it does keep


You can change the Nature of your Being

When you find the light inside your self

Then the growing and learning can Begin


Our Egos cause the love to die

Our evil Natural side yet in us all lives

The light resides in the greatest side of all

In our souls shining there with the lesson hidden deep


Your Beautiful soul can shine again

When you find the Love of Him

For me it is My Lord and My god

The love of them has shown me the Love True

The way he Love’s me and you

Unconditional Love is just as it Implies


The Kind of Love you give to one

That for you would die

The kind of Love he showed

The Kind that makes you Cry tears of joy and sorrow too


Oh the soul that Beautiful it Shines

With the Love of the Divine

When love Unconditional

Of Everything you Find

The love of our Creator

Yours and mine


Love is the light you are

Do you choose to Shine?

Show your love to everyone and every living thing

Take the time to share and be the love with everything

As is the one who showed his love to you


Then your Soul will be Beautiful

And like a Star you will Shine

 I share a poem with you and hope we can show the world the way to live and love each other as we should and find the love inside ourselves for the gift we have by being here!

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and my best Wishes For all and the Greatest of Blessings this Holiday Time of Year that love finds and Fills your Hearts! Smile and share your love and be the change positive making the world a better place and being better Human Beings. Thank you once Again!


20 thoughts on “A Beautiful Soul

    • Thank you my Brother, I must share the credit with my Lord as he has taught me much and this is his present to me. These words and the gift to share them are a gift to me! For his words and his Soul are why I learn and grow so that True Love unconditional I may learn to Show. I am honored with your being my Brother and taking the time to read and comment on my thoughts and my words. May Allah bless You and Your loved ones!

  1. Thank You Michael, Your presence is an Honor and your love shared is a cherished gift! Have a Merry and Blessed Christmas!!!! My heart felt Wish of love to fill Your heart and those you love this Holiday Season and through out the New Year!

  2. Awesome poem! I like what you’ve been doing lately going out with a bang for 2011!
    I have nominated you for The Versatile Blogger Award the rules are listed on my page! Congrats and keep up the great work!

  3. A beauiful poem my friend, one that holds the light within each word.. for we find that true light within ourselves.. And your light shines from this page bright for all to see..
    Many thanks for you comments upon my posts and I wish you and yours a Very Happy Christmas and A Bright Happy New 2012.. xx Dreamwalker 🙂

    • Thank you Sue Dreamwallker! I am honored by your comment and happy to have your presence in our world. Thank you and my Best Wishes for you and Yours For the Holidays and the New Year!

    • Thank you for the Comment and the nomination I am both honored and Flattered! I must respectfully decline such an award the reward of your nomination and continued support and reading of my posts are the greatest reward I can ask for. Thank you!

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