A Comet and a gift on my Birthday!

Photo Courtesy of http://www.news.com

On December 15, 2011 a Comet named LoveJoy made what most would think was a suicide run at the Sun. This story resonates in my Heart and shines light in my soul. There is much we can learn from such a story and much strength we can gain as Human beings from such a celestial action.

The comet a being of Ice and stone on a trajectory of what would appear to be certain Death rushing towards pure heat and Fire surely to its doom. Many watched in anticipation and wanting to see the destruction and its aftermath presumed an instant and amazing show much like a Dragster exploding while racing down the track spreading parts and pieces everywhere the flames of destruction bring and end to the machine.

It is ironic and quite amazing that that was not to be the case, the Comet swung through the Suns atmosphere at some Millions of Degrees Fahrenheit and came out the other side.  It is like life for many and myself that we sometimes head straight for that which may lead to our certain demise and survive.

I am inspired and quite honored that such an event happened on my Birthday as I hurl once again towards the things that would seem like a path to destruction to many observers. I know that I will come out the other side. Perhaps I may be a little thinner yet I will be much brighter and stronger to my core. Just like that Comet a better and stronger being and as the Comet perhaps inspiring others to take that run at the seemingly impossible odds and survive.

Even when the world looks and watches waiting to see the destruction and your demise it is refreshing and quite inspiring to know that you may prove them wrong… Things are not always what they seem!

Do and be what you are inspired to be, live your Dreams and have faith that you too will pass through the most dangerous of times with courage and strength your resilient nature will as you survive! I have many times survived situations and come out the other side better and stronger than before I entered them with the love in my core and the light within my soul. We all do and I am honored to be like that Icy Comet with the strength to make a run at the impossible and survive!

I hope we can all share our smiles and our love making a run at what at times seems the impossible and make our world a better place for all of the Human beings that live here. Love is the answer to all of our seemingly destructive ways that allows us to come out the other side better, stronger and more loving Human beings. Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and a gift on my Birthday of inspiration and enlightenment shared by and with the Heavens above. Thank you Lord for the Beautiful gift!


10 thoughts on “A Comet and a gift on my Birthday!

    • Awww Thank you! I don’t really announce my Birthday it was just a beautiful coincidence that the comet chose that day to make a bold move! Thanks for the SMOOCHES! From a Beautiful You even half a world away they made my day! 🙂

    • Thank you Miro, your words and sentiment are greatly appreciated. I wish the same as far as a Merry and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year! All the best to you and yours 2012! My heart felt wish of love in your heart

  1. First Joe, May I wish you a Belated Birthday Greeting of Happy Birthday… Second, Many thanks for all your comments upon my posts… And Third.. what an excellent Post you have written here my friend.. We do indeed seem to rush into headlong situations or events of one form or another.. But I do believe nothing is by chance. And everything has purpose and learning..
    just as that Comet,
    I read something only recently about the Suns atmosphere… And that it is our own atmosphere that acts a little like a Microwave oven, heating the rays of the Sun.. I do not know if this is Fact or not, but it did make me then wonder as space vessels etc go deeper into space away from the Earth and Man does space walks how come he didnt shrivel up with the heat.. if we are powered by those rays, given those rays nearer the Equator are always the hottest?? There is alot we Humans do not know.. But I always have an open mind to learn and grow..
    Thank you Joe for this, for it made me Think even harder of the Sun of Heaven.. Blessings to you and Yours.. Dreamwallker ~Sue

    • Sue Dreamwallker Thank you for your stopping and your reading my pages as well. You have brought once again a great smile to my face. I am happy you liked my post and as you this event and its relationship to me has made me think even harder of the Sun and Heaven. My thoughts turn very much to the light of love and my Own Lord.I never even considered and wondered why man didn’t shrivel up. Thank you for the blessings I am grateful as they are very special.I ask the Greatest of Blessings that of the deepest of Love fill your Heart You are Beautiful and are quite a beautiful spirit! Thank you!

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