My Birthday Gift to my Lord

The Love he shares is endless and no where does it not reach

I found it on a beach a mountain top and a canyon deep

Many times when I was blue he reached out and found me too

He loves us all and there is no shame when you’re in pain and call his name

His gift of life and light the gift of love from our God above

He sent my Lord his only son, the Guide I follow to die for us

Their example of love his son the love of his father

Their selfless acts of pain and the sacrifice the example of love so deep

That we may be along with them for eternity I am grateful for their mercy

I am grateful for his scars the price he paid for the imperfections in me

So that I may love as he loves me, His example of love the one of the Lord I love

Is a message I cherish taken to heart his father is one that gave the most

The life of ones son is held very dear I love no other more, as none has given or paid such a price

Than my Lord and his Father the God I love, his mercy and grace are second to none

I love my God more than any thing and I follow his son I love and ask as I pray

To share my love with our father and through the light

I know the love that I share with all that I meet

Will never compare to love of our God and the way he cares

My Lord I ask as I share this thought that you accept my apology for the scars I made

As I complained and cried about the life I have had especially when I thought it was bad

I love you Lord and our God above for your selfless acts of love

Thank You Lord and Happy Birthday

I share my gift with all of you a gift from my heart of love for the God and his son up above.

I hope that during the special season we may all remember the reason we celebrate is the Birthday of the one I cherish as do many the Lord I love. I hope we may all share a smile and some love and remember the one that as many know was the change Positive through the ultimate act of love. Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts and my gift to My Lord.


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