Free and truly me…

Once again truly me the gift of light and love in my core has set me free

My heart melted once again and returns as one of my best friends

The love inside makes me smile making life again worth while

The slate it is wiped clean no longer doused in thoughts unclean

Passion and action time again to begin anew the time of sorrow and mourning through

The light at my core shares its truth no longer the ignorance of my youth

Time is my friend its spirit dwells as does the light teaching me the way that’s is right

The Guide I follow the one I call Lord will help me the river Forde

The river crossed is the way to my destiny and a beginning new

The river may be wide and deep yet the gift of life is in the ride

The journey long and hard may be, the love and light the adventure beckons me

The last of the past swept away the current I feel today begins a brand new way

Thank you Universe and the light of love and my Lord for another Day!

I thank you for allowing me to share a thought a poem today as it is my way of sharing a smile and some love. I hope we can all share our smiles and some love making positive change in our lives and those we touch. Be the change positive and help make our world a better place, thank you once again my friends!


18 thoughts on “Free and truly me…

    • Thank you my Beautiful Friend, I must say I am honored for such a Nomination yet must bow and say Thank you for feeling so yet I am not deserving of such an award. I am humbled and flattered thank you for the nomination. I hope I offend you not yet I must respectfully decline. It is not the award that I seek it is your taking the time to read and enjoy or be inspired by my writing that is the reward for which I truly am honored! πŸ™‚

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