My Box…

The box in which I dwell is not as the box is not

The air I breathe is not one that a box contains nor can a box contain it

The water I drink comes not from a box nor can a box contain it

The Earth on which I live is not one of a box it is round and always changing a box can not contain it

The universe I am part of is not a box it is endless and may never be contained in a box

The endless mind which I own is not in a box nor is my heart I may be boxed and caged yet never can a box contain them nor I

The love of my heart is not one of a box love cannot be contained in a box nor shall it ever be as a box is not endless nor can it contain love

I am not one that dwells in a box as I am of love and love knows no box My love like I is always changing and like the Earth on which I dwell it is as endless as the Universe which it is a part of as am I

A box may be dark inside yet the light it can never hide the light of love that dwells within me even in what seems like the dark in a box is not as the light can not a box contain for the box is not the love and light are outside and inside of the box that is not

Live love and lose the box for the box is not

A thought I share and am grateful as well as thankful for the opportunity to share. Thank you for allowing me to do so. I hope that as we live learn and grow we can see past the limitations of the box and the tunnel vision as we look out and don’t seek to stick our heads out and see the world outside of our box. Please share a smile and your love reach for the light and escape the box. Thank you again for being the change positive and sharing your light and love.


13 thoughts on “My Box…

  1. This is a beautiful enlighening post Iamforchange.. Excellent!

    And although we as people often put people into their boxes as we give them labels… We can never be contained,, for each of us however much at times we want to stay within the confines of our self made boxes, we know that however seperate we wish to be, at some point those walls come down, as we expand outwards.. We outgrow our space of narrow views, and limited thought… The Universe allows each of us to know that inner space of truth, but the moment we have explored our box, and understand that there can be no limits set.. We know that We are the Universe.. We are that Vast Space.. and No Box will ever contain our Consious minds as we learn and grow and expand that every increasing knowledge .. And join others as they shed their boxes..

    Even though many in power would still keep us thinking inside the box… and use the BOX to control the masses.. and then give us the Box to vote making us think we have some sort of control over our leaderships.. When in fact they are ALL of One Box..
    Each of us must stand upon the BOX of soap. and speak out our truth as we see it.. and open up the Box of enlightenment.. so that those can come out and explore the Light..
    Blessings sent your way.. πŸ™‚

    • Thank you for sharing your comment as well as your heart, I appreciate your thoughts and perspective as well as your sharing them. Your posts shared have enriched my perspective and in turn added depth to my heart and our Universe as you touch many with the light of love! Thank you and my heart felt wish of love and light for your very deep and loving heart!

      • I am flattered that you enjoy my posts Iamforchange.. Each of us now need to be that Change of thought as we seed the Earth with light and Truth… For there is still much work to be done.. But as with any pebble dropped into the waters of life.. we see the ripple effect as it spreads outwards.. may your words and posts also travel far and wide and help add light to our world..
        Blessings to you and yours.. ~Dreamwalker

  2. Your posts ring of truth and flattered am I as well, it is an honor to share with a true heart and the love yours shares. You as well as many and the number grows daily as those who share are the change positive we as Human beings need to evolve and become beings of love and the light within us all shared through the grace and acts of love the gift we are given and the gift we are meant to share. Our Guides are know by many names yet the message is the part we must embrace and you as I and many others have heard the message. The messenger is often scorned and ridiculed yet as we evolve and grow as human beings we also grow and evolve as Beings of our Universe and the light within as Love. As more share the message the more will embrace it as truth and you share your truth well! I am blessed with the grace and love that allows my existence and the gift of many like you who share their truths and love with me through the light of my core and my Maker. Thank you and may you have the blessing as yours of Great love in your heart! Joe

    • What is Grammar!… but a set of words in a certain order.. I never passed into higher education and was never the brighest spark… But I loved to read.. and have educated myself on many things.. including how to us a PC…. I just clicked and hoped lol.. and learnt alot that way.. So never worry on that score.. I use spell checker LOL.. a very useful tool when I post my Blogs.. Keep shining and sending out your thoughts for it is as you say. we are all of us spreading the message of truth in all its forms..
      Love Light and Peace.. ~Dreamwalker

  3. It is an honor to share with you my Beautiful friend! Your heart and love shared is a gift I cherish! A treasure for my heavenly chest! Love Light and Peace to you as well Gorgeous! You have given me a treasured smile to my core on this Beautiful day! Thank you! πŸ™‚

  4. I love love love this one it really shows that you see life for what it is. It’s important sometimes to sit down and really think and open your eyes to reality and it shows that you have in this post. I just love ‘The water I drink comes not from a box nor can a box contain it’ No one can keep us from doing what we love or contain us from our daily social life. We are who we are. Keep on writing !

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