My Box…

The box in which I dwell is not as the box is not

The air I breathe is not one that a box contains nor can a box contain it

The water I drink comes not from a box nor can a box contain it

The Earth on which I live is not one of a box it is round and always changing a box can not contain it

The universe I am part of is not a box it is endless and may never be contained in a box

The endless mind which I own is not in a box nor is my heart I may be boxed and caged yet never can a box contain them nor I

The love of my heart is not one of a box love cannot be contained in a box nor shall it ever be as a box is not endless nor can it contain love

I am not one that dwells in a box as I am of love and love knows no box My love like I is always changing and like the Earth on which I dwell it is as endless as the Universe which it is a part of as am I

A box may be dark inside yet the light it can never hide the light of love that dwells within me even in what seems like the dark in a box is not as the light can not a box contain for the box is not the love and light are outside and inside of the box that is not

Live love and lose the box for the box is not

A thought I share and am grateful as well as thankful for the opportunity to share. Thank you for allowing me to do so. I hope that as we live learn and grow we can see past the limitations of the box and the tunnel vision as we look out and don’t seek to stick our heads out and see the world outside of our box. Please share a smile and your love reach for the light and escape the box. Thank you again for being the change positive and sharing your light and love.