When I found me I found you! Break down the walls…

It is I suppose as good a time as any to share a common thread between my life and the inspiration for my blog and the stories behind it. My lessons learned about myself have certainly added depth to myself and through finding myself I have grown exponentially. As I grow and evolve I realize more than ever how much I am indebted to others and how obligated I am to pay that debt. I have a natural ability to see the bigger picture and the small details as well and the gift of seeing who I am both big picture and the details is what brings me to share here.

My most recent Romantic Love, is one that I will share in a way and then share what I see in the world around me in comparison. Allowing you the reader and my Friends to see in my “Weird “ Mind and the process of sorts behind what and why I write.

The big picture

I loved and still love although now by force of my actions in a different way, a Lady that has her own children and their behavior and treatment of the Lady I loved to me is unacceptable. She and I are very alike and yet different, both of us very loving people with beautiful souls. She has a Family heart and I a worldly heart, together a perfect pair.

The details

I failed her and myself by lusting our own tranquility and as she is who she is I took action to make that happen. In doing so I put up a wall of negativity between her and I through selfishness of my needs for peace and tranquility although in my heart there was no bad intent. I was selfish in not considering her needs and feeling of her heart about her adult children and the almost adult child. The wall is built and I can only watch as the ground prepared with love and the seeds planted are trampled into clay by feelings of bitterness and the added trampling of slander and spite by the one I love  and those she loves turned bitter at my lustful sin and the wall it built.

The Big picture

The poor Nations for this instance we will use a starving Nation and charity. We give to charity and send food to poor nations to feed the people and especially the children. We give and it is a great thing of the heart to do so. Then we feel we have done good and done our part. The next time they ask we give and after a few times we get angry and in our own lust say their behavior is unacceptable and the wall goes up. On the other side of the wall the feelings are hurt and the poor start to trample the good done by those on the other side of the wall. A wall the good have built in selfishness and lust for peace and tranquility.

One possible solution

For the poor nations, perhaps we as developed and charitable nations can learn a lesson from a great and wise man of the past. He talked with one of his best friends as they went to help the poor and hungry.”Feed a man a fish and he is not hungry for a day, teach him to fish and he eats forever”. Well teaching is not enough for so many yet if we were to supply the Knowledge and technology as well as some initial supplies to get them started they could be self sufficient and eat forever. Not needing the charity. Charity is the band aid, tractors, seeds, wells and shared knowledge is the cure! For the price of one battle tank you can get twenty five state of the art tractors. For the cost of one missile you can buy two drilling rigs and pumps for thirty wells. For the price it takes to train one soldier you can buy seeds and fertilizers that can grow food in sand for a whole country. For the price of friendship and education of another culture and exchanging love a University in both countries can put the technology to work and end the problem, feeding the poor and being the best human beings we can be. Breaking down the wall and sharing is the solution at least one possible solution and one taken with love and light!

For my detailed situation

The wall of my creation is not as easy to break down and I may never have a solution yet the lessons of my life have taught me this. When we think of just ourselves even if there is no bad intent in our hearts we build walls! Thinking of others and considering their feelings as well as our own is what true unconditional love is about. I have had and shared so much love in my life with so many it is unfortunate it took so long and such a tragic loss for me to realize the lesson in front of my face. Lesson learned!

I hope we can share our love and a smile as we make the change positive Thank you for allowing me to share a few thoughts and maybe some insight to my motivation and inspiration. I owe all to many and would not be here were it not for the selfless acts of love shared with me by so many. I have worked hard and loved deep to gain a little bit of wisdom and a lot of heart. Over many years and struggles I have persevered with gift of love in my core the Light given by my Maker to us all. To my Lord the most thanks I give as he shared those many that have touched and provided those selfless acts to sustain my being. I owe him and the world a great deal of gratitude and would like to say we all do! It is time to start paying the debt and breaking down the walls.  Thank you all for being the change positive sharing your love and light making our world a better place.