The world gets a “A”… Sort of!

It is not quite as long as I had thought that I would take to post another page. I have been pondering and meditating and hell just drowning in thought. I wonder at times what it would be like to be a teacher. The stress and the gratitude as I made a difference in the lives of those I touched and educated. The hardest part for me would be giving grades as I would have to factor in effort as well as what was learned.

Here is the curve ball for most that will read this post. If I were a teacher of the world I would have to give Humanity an “A” for being human and living in our world as well as being for the most part kind  and loving hearts. 99% of the population is working class and or poor. 1% ultra rich and elite.

I would have to give a “C” on how we take care of our planet and a “D” on how we as human beings take care of each other.

As that teacher I would then ask our world this. If 99% of us are responsible for making that 1% ultra rich and sitting in outrage as to why they are not contributing in a meaningful way financially to the rest of the world. We put them there by allowing them to hoard the money and wealth themselves. They Earned it by the hard work and efforts of 99% of us.

Why is this acceptable? Why don’t the 99% do as the ruling class and “flip it” “spin it” change it? The way to get an “A” is to put the same effort into humanity as we have as individuals by becoming better people. We all stand to gain a better world helping our neighbors and each other by bringing us all up together. The 1% are working together to take over the driving force of our world… Money!  The New World Order, one Currency, that the world banks and markets control and by doing so they control the rest of us. The true driving force for the majority of the people is the love of their family’s and the desire to provide a good life for them.

War and greed are lessons we all pay for as working class and poor people. My country as well as many others spends trillions of dollars on the machines of war and actual war that we as Human beings all recognize as evil. The real injustice we allow by allowing money to rule us! I am not alone in this thought for there are many who feel as I yet there are no answers as to how to change that. The people that share this forum are some of the most intelligent and loving on our planet. Amongst those that are here blogging there is enough knowledge and wisdom to find those solutions.

It is my hope that asking the Question may inspire answers and the opportunity to advance all of us rather than the 1% that would fight wars and be greedy while children starve and family’s go without shelter.

I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and a Question “What stops us from flipping it and saying we don’t need that 1% taking advantage of us anymore?” I hope you will give it some thought and some feedback is appreciated. Please share a smile and your love be the change positive and make our world a better place. Thank you for allowing Naïve and perhaps gullible me to share some thought and a smile while being the change positive.

4 thoughts on “The world gets a “A”… Sort of!

  1. Great post! Your thoughts are engaging and I have questions forming in my own mind. I feel the 99% can’t ever get out from where they are at as the 1% hold far to much power and money to allow that to happen. We have seen instances in the past where the 1% attempted to make change and what happened. Even today 146 years after the passage of the 13th amendment to the United States Constitution, where are we. Are we all still slaves to the machine?

    • You may be right yet I don’t see how the 1% can control the power the power is a matter of perspective. If a new form of currency or perhaps another system of exchanging goods and services were implemented by the 99% then the money and the power of the 1% would be worthless and therefore not needed and the power of the 99% would be as it use to be in the USA and the time before money. Money and greed are why there is a 1% !

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