How much to end starvation?

The iraq war has cost more than $360 billion. i pay au$39 a month to sponsor a child. i read that 18,000 people die every day from starvation (lack of clean water and calories). so how much would it cost to end starvation if the cost of feeding, clothing and educating a person is au$39 a month? i keep getting an answer that’s too little! 18,000 daily starvation deaths times 30 = 540,000 die a month times $39 =$21 million a month times 12 = $1/4 billion to end starvation for a year?!?! so has the iraq war really cost about 1500 times more than ending global starvation for a year??? p.s. i got the cost of war data from p.p.s. it’s not that i’m against terroism, but can we all do something else noble too? people would like americans more if they ended world starvation. you had a goal of sending a man to the moon and it happened, so why not have a goal of ending starvation? it seems like a bargain!
A question as I asked the Question and an answer that makes sense. The question and answer were Courtesy of X media answers!
Thanks for allowing me ta share an answer to a question worth answering! Please share a smile and share your love be the change positive and help make our world a better place! Thank you again for allowing me to share a thought and a smile and being the change positive.

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