Love True

I was moved to share a little note a Poem as inspired I wrote. One I choose to share for all I love and all who care.

This time when he opens the door

 The love I will have I know is sure to be true

The Love I will share will always be there

The love of a true heart loving with care

Deceit and lust no longer the fear

Of hurting the one I hold dear

The Heavens know what lies in my heart

A gift given of a Heavenly start

Confessed I have done his counsel I have sought

Love in my heart is what it brought

Deceit and lust to my heart the cost

The one I loved and the one I lost

The price I paid as she did too

Was the cost so that I may share a love that is true

Truly I am just a simple man

Part of our Makers Heavenly plan

The one that carries my Earthly weight

His power of love is ever so great

He brings me comfort when ever I am down

Confessed and genuine from my heart he knew

The love in my heart now is true

Shaped and grown with the lessons I have learned

The times I have yearned for the love I had lost

And the bridges I burned

This time I know my heart is true

I am ready to share it with you

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts with you. I pause and reflect the years that have past so that the words I share will be of Quality and ring true. My earthly knowledge grows yet the wisdom of my maker in my heart I choose to flow. Life is one of many choices yet the path of dark and light are in our inner voices. The one of light is of love the one of dark is from our earthly ego. I hope we can all share the light and share a smile share our love and make change positive for the Human race. We are all the same inside part of our Makers Heavenly pride! Be the change positive and make our world a better place! Thank you again for allowing me to share…