Transparency, expression, perspective and positive change shared by me…

Transparency and expression, I must say that I choose to be transparent in my thoughts expressed and the difficulties of my life to add or highlight the possibility and in fact the real change I have been through. It takes much work and courage to change ones self, the first thing to do is recognize that every day we grow and change whether we acknowledge that or not it is true. I do not dwell on the issues of my past rather take them as lessons and try to grow in a positive way.

I posted a whiney post yesterday so as to share that even when we are “Healthy” we have bad days. Yes I have recently experienced heart ache and will again it is part of the ebbs and flows of life. Accepting such ebbs and flows is part of my evolution and part of the evolution of all who choose to evolve. Expressing my thoughts are my way of sharing my ebbs and flows and my perspective as I grow and change.

I wonder at times the perception of others as I share some of the story of my life and try to share that even though bad things have happened. The choice of what I do with those experiences is the message I chose to share as they have inspired me to take a positive approach and a positive perspective thus changing my being and those I share with. It would be all to easy to just turn to alcohol or drugs and or self pity and do nothing productive or positive to bring about positive change and solutions. It would be the ultimate act of disrespect to my maker and the Universe as well as the gift of love to do so.

I am amazed at the way some people especially the Queens of my heart that they have the perception of being un- worthy of being with me.  I have dated a few police officers that shared such thoughts and I have tried it all, I am certainly not the most law abiding citizen. We are all worthy of each other as we share the same core, our conscientiousness’ our gift of love from our maker above. At our core we are all the same yet outside as well as in our actions we are all different. I tried to express that in a post about polar opposites, me a child of the Dark path and my friend Mitch a child of the Light path. We have done our homework and found our core. At our core we both know that we are the same… Love! The love shared with all that our maker has created from his love.

Science is just finding a mystery particle as they unlock the secrets of “Dark Matter” a Light Matter that previously was unknown and unseen.  You never know what you will find when you try and take action to know who you are. I do, you will find love the love of yourself and find that we are all worth and in fact all the same at the core.

The past few months have been very inspirational to me and have in fact motivated me to seek my next level of evolution and go to school and get that piece of paper that says my opinion and perception may in fact evolve the old school ways in the Psychological and social work areas as when most of those programs and philosophies are from a time before the technology and family life of today where prevalent. In the day of Freud and Jung as well as the greats of the past didn’t have the influences of today’s society and where based on a time when family values and parental up bringing where the dominant way people were raised and moms were the normal parenter’s of children. Not that I consider their ways and knowledge invalid or that they are not relevant as they are studied and enhanced by those that study and evolve those ways. I have the greatest of respect and can in no way compare myself to their knowledge or perspectives. Yet I feel that sometimes we over analyze the box from the past rather than taking action in today’s world and make the change positive in the same world of today. My transparency is out of the box as there is no box!

Today our children most anyway are learning from other sources how to handle their issues and the situations they find themselves in. Much like myself and many others we ask for help and are told “You’re the boy that waits for the respect and acceptance of your Father” or some other drivel shifting the responsibility from self and pointing the finger of responsibility else where. The fact that we are responsible for our feelings and emotions as well as our actions is the important fact and the one I for one wanted to hear. Yes my parents could have parented me better as I could have parented my children better. The fact remains however that I make my choices and I own responsibility for them and their consequences. I choose to be responsible to myself and my core, is myself and make the change positive by doing so.

Thank you for allowing me to share my transparency and my thoughts as I try to show that even in the most trying of times and the most trying of situations we can and I have made the most by putting a positive perspective and a positive foot forward and make the change positive. Thank you again and pleases share a smile and your love be the change positive and make our world a better place.

I am very interested in your perspective and hope you will share yours.


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