Fear the opposite of love and courage or inspiration?

Fear, is it the opposite of love and courage? Or is it inspiration to reach out and become a better you? I have gained and changed my perspective about fear. The common theme I had embraced was that fear was the opposite of love inspiring anger, bitterness and hate for a few examples. Or is it to inspire love and growth positive?

I choose what fear does to me by allowing myself to take the easy path. Or the path I perceive as easy by succumbing to that ego driven desire to be better than that which hurts me or I perceive as may hurt me. The truth for me as I work through my feelings of rejection and abandonment is that I realize I am only such if I allow myself to be such. The fear of not being good enough or not worth the effort is not a truth for me or any other. That is the perception of the other party’s ego perhaps, yet it need not be the perception, I embrace.

Rather than allow my ego based fear to control my actions and emotions I choose to be inspired to find my perspective of self and take responsibility for my feelings. I own my feelings and emotions and choose to love who I am and be inspired by my fears to have the courage to change my perspective and be positive from my heart rather than allow the negative side of my ego to pick for me.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and feelings I hope that we will be inspired by our fear to be the change positive rather than take the easy way of our ego and go backwards. Share a smile and share you love be the change positive and change our world making it a better place for us all. Thank you again for allowing me to share a smile and some love.


3 thoughts on “Fear the opposite of love and courage or inspiration?

  1. I love the way you relate this beautiful and inspiring story to all of us. Thanks for sharing the idea and have a good week ahead. !!!

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