Opposites? Or part of the whole making us the same…

Sometimes the most amazing things happen when you least expect them and in the most unexpected ways. Through destruction and pain new insight is gained and depth added to our beings it sometimes takes your polar opposite to realize the impact on your core even if you know your core. The most beautiful part of such discoveries are the discoveries and those you gained and shared them with.

I had left the house out of need I had been too long dwelling on a painful loss. As I left I decided to stop at a local grill/bar Chilli’s actually. I currently reside in Utah a very religious state and one where finding a place to have a drink is not so uncommon yet there are not that many close to where I live. I was just out for a beer and a shot anyway. There were very few people in the bar and as that’s where I sit I felt lucky, and the Barmaid was a very Beautiful person as was the man I met.

Opposite paths to the same realization and a love shared that I never expected especially in such an un accepting environment. His name is Mitch and if you had seen us you would think you knew that we were opposites. Our discussion at first was of the typical man to man interaction and sports, he was a Laker fan and I although not really a sports junkie can carry on a conversation none the less. He then mentioned a few things that surprised me. He was a graduate from BYU a religious institution of higher learning and that they almost lost a bowl bid because of the lack of alcohol in their stadium.

I chose to express my thoughts of religious intolerance and that the Stadium wasn’t a church or temple that is when I was given a true gift of love. He was the first religious man that I have personally met that truly hears the message in the books he so loves and lives. I am in awe and a state of humility and gratitude for the love and lessons we shared. He joined his faith from his heart at 13 I left that same faith at the same time.  He chose a path of religion and faith I chose a path of a darker nature yet we were at the same point in that we had found our core and the love and light within.

I had the concept of opposites in one way yet he shared with me a fabulous insight that I knew and as he shared I embrace. Are not such as I perceived and his truth added this to my core. Yin and yang balance on the core they embrace the core as equal and harmonious parts of our life and in fact are not opposites at all. They compliment each other and are part of our world one and the same part of the Universal whole. An Eastern philosophy I have embraced in my core yet brought to true light. With  what on that on the outside and to the rest of the world would be my polar opposite. He had taken my concept of such and turned it upside down adding such depth that my core acknowledges as true… We are the same! Part of the whole connected at the core, yin and yang is in all of us and our universe.

We shared many thoughts, I shall visit in the future, I am very grateful for that gift shared from our Maker. We were meant to meet and share the thoughts and feelings of love the most awesome and powerful force in the Universe. I must share the thought and the importance of being open and communicating especially with those that we may perceive as our opposites as they add depth to our whole and in fact are not opposite at all as we are all connected, and have dark and light inside our being, just as our Universe has dark and light… Look at the Heavens and know with your own eye’s and your core.

He was at first in fear of sharing his core and as most religious people are not willing to confront and embrace their darkness. As I knew he had found his core he knew that he was safe to share and acknowledge he had. One that has found his core I shared has embraced and accepted his darkness as well as his light. He knew at that moment as had I that our love shared would add to our gift from our Maker.  My depth was found as the result of finding my core on a darker path his was found on a lighter path yet in the end we share a truth. There are many paths to finding yourself your core and the message is heard when you do so.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and I would encourage us all to communicate more as fear of being different or unaccepted is silly. We are all different yet we are all the same connected at our core with the bond of our maker and our Universe the gift to all the light and love of our core. Share a smile share your love and be the change positive help make our world a better place! Thank you again for allowing me to share a smile and some love the most cherished gift we have and the most powerful force in our Universe.


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