Happy Thanksgiving in my country and I wish everyday in our world.

Happy Thanksgiving! I choose to share a gift I am grateful for there are so many yet a few thoughts fill my heart at the moment.

“I can say not I am humble for every day I am humbled I may say however I have Humility as that is being grateful for being humbled.”

“I can be a Simple man and have great depth as I am but a simple being in a large and simple Universe sharing that depth expressing to me how simple I truly am.”

“Love of my core opens many doors and lets love become my connection to all”

“I am not meant to be a Saint I am meant to find and be me.”

I am grateful for so many things yet I am most grateful for this day and every day we exist and the love that is given for the gift of that day. Every day is a gift and every act of love a treasure, I encourage us cherish them. I am grateful we share our thoughts smiles and love making our world a better place being the change positive! Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and some love. Happy Thanksgiving I am Grateful you are here!


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