Humble? Grateful I am!

Have you ever made a wish that was just so far from your reach with all your heart? I have wished many wishes, for those I love from my heart and it is amazing how many times those wishes come true for them. The power of wishes in my world seems to work for others, yet not my own. I am grateful for all I have in my world and wait for my most heart felt wish for me.

I am not a religious man just a simple peasant so to speak although that is a somewhat misleading statement it is a reality in our world today. I used to think I had been humbled and was humble yet as I think about the statement I realize I have far to go and much to learn. My Greatest teacher is my Maker.

I wished and prayed for something out of my reach believing with all my heart. I do believe in the magic of love and as I sit I am reminded of the most Magical love of all that of my Lord and my Maker. What ever religion or non religion you believe in the sentiment is the same.

In the bible there is a piece of advice that I refer to daily in my heart and sometimes forget the significance of the words and the truth behind them. The words accompany the words of my Lord as he shares the prayer that we should pray and there is but one. “The Lords Prayer” The words that strike truth in my core are that all I should ask as far as for myself is nothing as my Maker knows what I need before I ask and gives me what I need.

I have all I need and although my heart desires and my mind wants and my soul cries I do have what I need and even in the worst of times have had what I needed. I am grateful for what I have and although not always cheerful I am very grateful. I thought I was humbled when I had been without so many of the material things of our world. I thought I was humbled when I have spent so much time alone and so many days far from those I love most yet as I reflect I know I have what I need and have yet to discover what truly humble is. I am humbled every day the depth of humble is as great as the depth of love, compassion, empathy, forgiveness and being grateful for having what I need.

Make many wishes for others and their grief or sorrow wish for their pain to leave and comfort in their hearts wish them love and happiness wish for them to have their dreams. Wish for yourself and your dreams however in the end be grateful you have what you need.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and I hope and wish for all the greatest of love in your hearts and the best of all life has to offer. Please share a smile and share your love the most powerful force in the Universe. Thank you again and be the change positive make our world a better place


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