The tower destroyed and the dust settles…

I stand tall fearless sword in hand, in the debris the dust and the destruction of the tower of a simple man destroyed by my mighty hand. The day has come with the light of the sun to rise and heed the call from the ruler of all.

The dust settles as I walk away sheathing my sword in Honor of my Lord I choose to be a king in his kingdom. I serve the weak and embrace the strength of their hearts, the courage I have that of the Lion their Champion in the Arena of man. The sword I hold slices through gold and pierces the hearts of those who worship it so.

I walk with my maker and those of the light, magic, and the power of my Lord and all that live love, the call from our maker in heaven above. The one that I wait for is taking so long, the one that plays in my heart her heavenly song. The synchronistic song that we sing shall loving destruction bring, the Angels of heaven are by my side as I ride alone for the moment as my love waits for the first strike of my heavenly blade.

The note and the cord the sound that it brings will rise through the earth and her heart will sing the song that we share, the song of my King. The Queen of my heart is as strong as I, the world will hear her heavenly cry. The Angels singing and walk by her side the awesome beauty of her loving heart a gift to the world from our maker’s heart.

She is mine from the beginning of time her hand in mine, I have waited to touch her for such a long time. Since the day I started this Journey on earth the day I left her for my earthly work. The day I left her with tears in her eyes, the day that all heaven heard her sorrowful cry. I turned not nor did I look back for her sorrowful tune haunting me now was meant to inspire and give me the strength to give her my love and a heavenly gift. The love of all that live on this earth that need the warmth the shelter the food on their plates have inspired me to be the sword of the light and smite the greed.

Those who live a life of hate that never share from their gifted plates make right the wrongs of your greedy ways. The Angels are gathering, the path is made the trail is narrow and bright easy to travel if you have your light shining yet if you are dark in your core the path that you walk on will even the score you will slip into the darkness and be no more.

My heart it is ruled with light and love as is my Queens sent from heaven above, I ask and I plead for all that will hear the gift we share the love has no fear. Reach through the darkness for the light as it is time to set things right. The ones at the top of the treasures of earthly things those with no empathy and compassion inside shall hear the song of my heavenly bride as the sword in my hand slashes their non heavenly pride.


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