First Blood.. The message of responsibility!

I have long thought about our world and those I share it with, I am a man of no religion yet I embrace them all. The intent of all religions as far as I have seen have the best of intent to encourage us to live a life of love and do good things not only for ourselves but our fellow man as well. The message and intent is so often lost as those of religion in their minds do not live it in their hearts. The message of our maker runs through my veins and “God” lights my core!

I would share a thought and a fact that has been a part of our world that seems to go un noticed yet is the very essence of the message and living the life of doing good and living love. My examples are of a personal nature and shared from my perspective. My perspective is relative to me yet may enhance or inspire a different perspective of each who takes the time to read and search for the truth or essence of it. Much like the books of the Religions that share the message it is taken with the perspective of the reader. I know many that can site chapter and verse of their “Bible” what ever form that book takes and what ever soul inspired it.

If a five year old boy can take out of his pocket and share his earthly treasure of sugar with a man he doesn’t know to make his meal palatable how can I look at a five year old boy and not have the same sense of responsibility?

The Lady who has touched my heart the most with three children of her own can take in three more when she is struggling just to feed the three she has  and still take in a man that has nothing how can I not share that sense of responsibility?

If a poor man can give another his last dollar to one that needs it as well how can I not be responsible and share mine? I will get another it will never be my last dollar until I am dead and can make no more.

If I have millions of dollars and feel it is mine and I have no pity for those who do not earn and become as I is it not my responsibility to provide opportunity for those that do not have to do so?

If I have billions of dollars and can create opportunity for those less fortunate to rise from the poverty and be at least able to live a life of a decent nature and shelter is it not my responsibility to do so?

If you are responsible and truly responsible to your actions and your place as a human being are you not responsible to your fellow human beings that provided you the means and opportunity to be where you are?

I feel in my responsible being a great sense of responsibility to my fellow human beings. I have given away my last dollar many times and always seem to make another.  As the world we live in reels from economic turmoil and struggles to pay its debt and take care of its citizens I ask is it not all of our responsibility to pitch in and help our fellow citizens rise above the poverty and despair?

Regardless of your religion and your race or gender your political affiliations it is our responsibility to step up to the challenge of being responsible to ourselves and our fellow human beings. Be responsible help your neighbor, help that five year old, build new companies and provide more opportunity help each other rise above. Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and feelings with you. I ask you share a smile and share your love be the change positive and be responsible for your actions and help others.


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