Cinnamon Rolls and love!

Cinnamon rolls! My life is not all serious and deep! I actually love the simplest things and one that brings a smile and the warmest of memories is Cinnamon rolls. I like the old fashioned ones made with love and my absolute favorite are my Grandma’s. Then any that are shared with ones that I love no matter how we came by them.

My Grandma used to bake on Saturdays many loafs of bread, rolls, and my favorite Cinnamon Rolls the kind filled with love and raisins topped with coffee Icing! Those day’s are gone as it is so much work for her to make them. The last time she made them she made them for my children and I a few years ago had I known they would have been the last I would have saved two in the freezer for a day like yesterday.

I went to visit my Grandma yesterday and took with me some cinnamon rolls I had baked that came out of a can. They were good yet not hers, I have shared the same rolls with a Queen of my heart many times over the last couple of years. I am no longer a King in her heart yet the memories are of love and sharing just like with my most precious Queen of my Heart my Grandma!

The smile and the heart felt love, showed on my Grandmas face when we sat and chatted over those cinnamon rolls. Even though they were from a can they were baked and frosted with love and enjoyed with the same love. Her comment through the bites was they are good but mine are better… Yes hers are they are the best I have ever had! I love my Grandma dearly and with all my heart and some of my best memories are of her in her apron the house smelling of bread and waiting while the last batch of bread baked for those cinnamon rolls to hit the oven!

I share these thoughts of love and happiness as I reminisce and cherish the treasures in my heart ( Yes the heart contains blood) Yet it also carries those precious memories to my brain and core!  I hope you have such memories as well and are as grateful as I for having them. Please share a smile and your love be the change positive and help make our world a better place. Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two and sharing my smile and love with you.


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