My path to Finding myself…

Today I would share a thought or two partially because as I have been reflecting and thinking how I may justify some of my words and thoughts. Where is it I, came from and what’ makes me say such things? I am not a Doctor of any kind. I don’t go to “Church” of any kind. I certainly lack grammatical skills. I have no degree in any academic field, yet I do have a degree in living, evolving and being a better human being every day I am given the gift to be here.

I am far from perfect and must say that is a gift! I am a Sagittarius as a sign for what some may feel that is worth. I will say that being such and having the Sun and Moon Ascendant I do have the gifts given one. I am a sponge and a human BS detector I seek the truth in everything that attracts my interest or crosses my path. I am balanced and see both sides from many perspectives. Am I always right? Yes and no the truth about truth is not my thought for the day.

I would like to share a rather deep thought, I have been writing about wells a lot mostly referring to a term used by various sources as your being, your person, yourself, Your conscience lives at the bottom of the dark well so to speak. I had written about being at the well no ladle, no bucket, no way to quench my thirst. I had written about a young boy that lived there I mentioned the bottom of the well was like daylight at the sandbox. I had forgotten the most refreshing water of all I have ever tasted came from the bottom of the well. The light at the bottom of the well is the light of our maker and the water his gift of love.

The depth of my well is very deep the depth created, by mistakes and learning from them, only to sometimes revisit them and learn again. Practice makes perfect I would always hear in school, sports teams, In the Army and at home most of all. What I have learned is that when you reach that water and that light you may feel, as I every time I jump in it, a Great Sense of GRATITUDE. I am so very grateful to have the gift of every day to add depth to my well if that is what happens that day as it does every day as I make mistakes along the way as do we all.

I am asked quite often, as I once asked many from Therapists and Marriage Counselors , and reading many books as well as the heart test. “How do I find myself, what are you talking about?” I can only share my perspective as learned from the combined knowledge of many. You are that which you talk to with your thoughts. When you think who are you thinking to? You are thinking to your core your conscience you gift from our maker your soul your heart your light your connection to our Universe and our Maker. It is hard to jump in the well and find yourself. The reward is the gift of Love and Gratitude for being alive and the depth of your gratitude is the depth of your well! Humble and very grateful am I.

Thank you for allowing me to share a thought or two it is my hope that more will seek to find the light in their own wells and be so very grateful for our gift of life and our mistakes as they add depth to our souls and gratitude to our list of Heavenly Treasures. I share my smile and thoughts as an act of love I hope we can all share a smile share the love and be the change positive. Your thoughts are always welcome and appreciated as they add depth to my soul. Thank you again for your allowing me to share with you.


8 thoughts on “My path to Finding myself…

  1. this was a great post. i’m interested in finding my life purpose and just recently started a blog about it. I like you’re writing so this I’m going to “follow you” 🙂 I’m still learnig asll this blog sdtuff, it’s a bit overwheling !! peace, midlifeKrisis

    • Thank you, you have brought a great smile to my face and I hope we can learn and share together as I am about to follow you as well. My heart felt wish of love to you as you are a beautiful soul. I applaud you for seeking out your purpose and hope you find the love at the end of your quest.

    • Thank you Gabby and Autumn,you are very kind and your hearts are golden! I choose not to be awarded as I have no need for awards. Your gesture is greatly appreciated yet to accept out of grace would be inappropriate as I have not earned an award and rewards of such are not what I seek. Thank you for sharing the love and the smile I have from you! That my friends is the reward you have given and the one I seek. A treasure in my heart!

    • Thank you and thank you for expressing your thoughts. I can only share my perspective and honesty is essential to be true to myself. At heart we are all human BS detectors… Mine is one that comes from seeing my own BS and choosing to change that about me. If I come from my truth I hope that others, may choose to find and come to their own truth. Whether inspired from my posts or the recognition that they have their own BS to accept and take action and make positive change. You have shared a great smile and I am grateful that you took the time to read my post and even more so that you took the time to share such a compliment and your thoughts!

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