It is there! Find it…

For all the love in my heart… I can’t find it!

Jb 11/16/11

How many of us are blind to the love in our hearts? I spoke with a few of the people I work with and a couple of people that attend the Rehab program where I am working. There was a man in a wheel chair in his late sixties. I was actually just stepping out to say hi to a graduate of that program I had become friends with. “How are you doing?” I asked. He replied “Great things are going good, how are you doing?” I responded “Gorgeous what a beautiful day.” My friend knew better yet the old man in the wheel chair chimed in “Whats your secret?” My friend responded that since I was single that I was dating many women. I laughed and then shared the fact that I am not dating anyone. I did however share my secret “Love in my heart” is my secret.

The Old man shared his story he was in rehab as he was an alcoholic He couldn’t handle his wife anymore. She had Alzhiemers and it drove him to drink as she would just repeat the same things over and over never knowing where or who he was. He broke out his wallet and showed me some pictures of a most beautiful couple with the deepest most loving smiles. I shared with him my thought,” she is gorgeous you were a Beautiful loving pair she can not help where she is yet you can, when she gets you going take the time to sit and look, at that picture and find that love in your heart.”

I have been of late having to reach very deep in my heart trying to find that love it is at times hard to find when you are so hurt and so lonely. I have many friends and share much love yet one love so eludes me. I hope that we can find the love in our hearts and follow it to positive change and growth. I thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and a smile an act of love the most powerful force in the Universe.Share a smile share your love and be the change positive, Thank you again for your time and allowing me to share.


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