Thank you WordPress and all those that share here!

The Words, oh so many beautiful words. The words tonight I choose to share are those of gratitude and admiration. In the year or so I have been on this site expressing, reading  and sharing so many words I am honored to be amongst so many Beautiful souls.

The creativity and shared talent of the people that share on here is amazing the poetry some of the best ever written. Many share their knowledge and many share information for those in need and many share words of comfort for those that can use it Thank you all! I must also add on a personal level that the gifts given especially as of late by so many are of great depth and will be carried in my heavenly chest. The depth and at times simplicity of your words chosen at times is one that I am grateful you choose to share.

On that note, many that share touch my heart, yet some even through the power of those carefully chosen words touch and inspire it to share the love and the Light. Thank you all for being and sharing!

My heart felt wish is for all of you a  heart full of love and light it is a privilege and an honor to have and continue to have those oh so precious words shared for all to be enriched, feel your pain and your love as you passionately share your beautiful words. Share a smile share your love and be the change positive if even in a negative way do it with love and light.

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