My sin shared My appology made Light shines!

The poetry shared over the last few posts is inspired by my heart and the light that shines from within it. I have learned through my heart that doing right and being of the truth that sometimes not sharing the truth although I may feel noble in doings so is not the way of the heart. My own lessons over time have taught me that as I reach and try to become a better me those around me expect more of me. I recently learned a very hard lesson one that has repeated since my youth. Being Noble with a cause means an added level of responsibility to both that cause and those who love you for the strength you show by living that cause. The honor of ones love and trust earned is a gift that is so very rare and so easily destroyed. Feel remorse forgive and let love rule your world.

In my case I have hurt many all of whom were not ever intended to be hurt in fact one that my heart would never even consider hurting a young Queen. I had not intended nor wished or even considered the end result, one that has been one of the greatest gifts my maker can share with me. Humility and empathy, compassion and passion, Love in its purest form. The feelings I have, have been felt before by many and will by many more. The truth shall be known and my apology made so that I may grow and love who I am and the light that shines within me. I hope that as my words shall not be heard by those with whom I most wish to share them most my love will still leave its touch and let the memories of me be of love and not hate.

I am first reluctant yet feel I must say what I must say, it is very difficult to share my weakness and my sin. I loved one with all my heart and believed that I could do so unconditionally, I thought I had the depth and the heart to do so. I was given the Lady of my dreams with a heart of gold, yet there were many things that surround such a soul. Many treasures to be had yet like all great things there is a price to pay. A price that I in my heart had promised to accept and pay, to not only myself but to my Queen and her charges.  In an act of weakness I found that the negative energy surrounding me was overwhelming me, Rather than just say I can not live with this and be strong and shown more light and make change through love, I ran to solitude and now pay for being so weak. I am sorry Nichole and Vicky for  the pain I caused could have been avoided had I had the courage and strength loosing you has given.

I broke a promise of heart even though I thought it was a noble thing to do I ran from the pain felt by a child that I should have embraced with love. The pain accenting my weakness reminding me of my empathy and compassion and the actions of a weak heart and what they cost my soul and that of a Queen of my heart as well as a Young Queen that is one with the heart of that Queen. I am human and a true Knight at heart that is not worthy of such love and trust. I shall make the change to be worthy of the next that shares her love with me by taking such a lesson as this, sharing it and loving the gift of life and being grateful for the lesson and the depth it adds to my heart my soul and the light of my maker I share within.

Thank you for allowing me to share some thoughts and some feelings, I am inspired by many and wish no harm. My messages and thoughts shared are with the best of intent meant to inspire and encourage change from within. Be the change live with your heart and share the love. Please share a smile and share the love be the change positive and make our world a better place. Thank you again!


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